Japan creates a clear eraser that works

Japan creates a clear eraser that works

Everyone knows that the blue part of the bicolor rubber does not erase the pen, but we insist on doing so. Leaf after leaf ruined by the carving of the blue rubber have not been enough to understand that its function is another. Despite the stupidity of rubber users, producers continue to innovate and now the Japanese company Seed has a transparent rubber that works.

It is not that the transparent rubbers are a new thing, but the one that can be seen in the following video has the characteristic that its function fulfills its function: the pencil stroke of the paper disappears. According to the people of Seed, it took them five years of research to achieve this result.

They perfected the recipe with which they made this eraser, called Clear Radar, and the process to coat it with a special powder to prevent it from sticking when leaving the assembly line.

The objective of the Clear Radar is that you can see what you are going to erase, at least for a while before it is filled with external particles. It is not an eraser so expensive. The large pieces cost around 1.40 dollars and the small ones in 90 cents.