If downloading Rocket League for Android is your dream try Turbo League

If downloading Rocket League for Android is your dream: Turbo League

A classic eSports game is not yet for our mobiles but if you would like to download Rocket League for Android we invite you to try Turbo league.

Whenever a game is successful on consoles or computers, it is a matter of time before it reaches mobile devices or if it does not appear similar proposals not to say clones.

On this occasion, with Turbo League, we are in the second case and that is that this game is a clone of Rocket League as we had commented previously.

If downloading Rocket League for Android is your dream try Turbo League

Play football… with cars

The idea is as simple as surreal. We are in a competition of 3 vs 3 football, with his ball, his stadium, his two goals and … his cars. Yes, in this case we will have to drive different cars to score goals and get high scores to beat our rivals.

We will be part of one of the two teams in which 6 people connect in real time.

The control is carried out from the touch screen handling the direction in the left zone and the jump and the turbo in the right, besides controlling if we move forward or backward. All this with the aim of hitting the ball that is in play and introducing it into the opponent's goal.

We can customize our vehicles with different paints, wheels and vinyl to give it a unique appearance.

If downloading Rocket League for Android is your dream try Turbo League

Complicated handling and many cameras

One of the weaknesses of this proposal is the control and it is difficult to get to the position of the buttons but especially at the extreme speed of the game, with the ball and the rivals circulating at full throttle.

Even so, little by little we are doing the driving, although it is also true that the change of camera can sometimes make you dizzy.

To avoid that we can make use of the upper right button that allows us to choose different angles, from the point of view of the car to that of the ball, passing through a fixed one in which we see the game almost from a distance.


Free and for all phones

The game can be downloaded for free and we can say that it is playable even on current phones with short processors and little RAM although obviously the experience will not be the same as if we play it in a high range.