Huawei's market share in Spain has dropped 8 points in 2019

Huawei's market share in Spain has dropped 8 points in 2019

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The effects of the US decision to include Huawei on the blacklist of companies with which American companies cannot work little by little they get noticed, despite the fact that the Asian company is doing everything possible to reduce its impact.

As we can read in Cinco Días, the CEO of Huawei Spain, Tony Jin Yong, states that Huawei's current share in Spain is 20%, ranking as the second best selling brand in Spanish territory, behind Samsung, which thanks to the new M range, has recovered much of the ground lost with Huawei in recent years.

At the beginning of the year, Huawei's market share in Spain was 27-28%. The fear of users that their devices can not install WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube or any other application available in the Play Store has done significant damage to the brand image that the company has not only in Spain, but also throughout Europe .

The implementation of 5G networks in Spain will allow the company to continue counting on Spain as an important source of income, as long as the Spanish government does not include it among the discarded options. This is possible if finally the decision of the Spanish government to prohibit the use of Huawei devices to access the internal network expands to other areas.

Huawei plans open a second official store in Spain, specifically in Barcelona throughout 2020. The first official Huawei store in Spain opened a few months ago in Madrid and represents the important commitment that the Asian company is making in the Spanish market, although it came at a bad time because of the government's decision American blacklisted.