Win Prop Hunt COD Mobile mode

How to win in Call of Duty Mobile Pro Hunt mode

Win Prop Hunt COD Mobile mode

Call of Duty developers have been adding new game modes that go hand in hand with different events. One of them is the Prop Hunt mode, which consists of a 2-team battle, where some are the hunter enemies (hunters) and others are literally objects that must be camouflaged between the things of the stage so as not to be eliminated.

This game mode is more complicated than it seems No matter what type of character you are. Well, it is difficult to find the objects that are actually players. Also, if you have to be an object, it is very possible that they will find you fast if you don't know how to hide. Therefore, today we have compiled the best tips for you to be victorious in this game mode.

When you are a hunter

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Here you will be a soldier in search of an animated object, Finding players is a difficult task, since throughout the scenario there are objects similar to those they use. But you don't have to worry, there are several ways to differentiate and catch the Prop. You just have to keep these tips in mind:

  • You have to be attentive to everything: If you believe that an object makes the minimum movement, shoot it.
  • Discard objects: in closed places he throws grenades to discard that some player is hidden there.
  • Shoot the corners: Most players when they are vases, lamps or chairs, usually hide in the corners of the rooms.
  • Search in unconventional places: Many players hide in places where you'll never look.
  • Listen to the whistles: players who are objects can whistle in exchange for reloading skills. Use this in your favor to find them.
  • It covers more areas: Don't look in the same place where your partner is.

Here are some tips that can serve very well to find animated objects. Also you can shoot objects that are in strange places, If this bleeds, it is a player and you can eliminate it.

When you are object

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Although being an object has advantages, there are very good players to find them. That is why it is important to consider every detail when being Prop, since Any bad decision can make you discover. If you want to win the game you will have to follow these tips:

  • Do not choose to be a large object: They are the easiest to find and the most difficult to hide.
  • Qudate on a site: If you move after having been in a place for a long time, you may be discovered quickly.
  • Duplcate when you are near other similar objects: This confuses enemies and makes you go unnoticed.
  • Stuns and changes objects: When you think they are about to discover you, lure them away, escape and change your object so they won't find you. It is one of the most effective tactics if you know how to use it.
  • Scan in places where they can't see you: One of the best things you can do is hide in roofs, pools, trees, and behind large objects.

With all these tips you will definitely be able to win, both by being a Hunt, and by being a Prop. Remember that you can also learn tricks to win in zombie mode and in search and destroy mode.

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