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How to know if an APK has no virus and is safe

Have you ever downloaded any APK on your mobile or PC? The question may arise as to whether it is a Safe and virus free APK, if so, there are different ways to verify that the application you have downloaded in that format can be used without problems.

On different occasions and for certain circumstances, an Android application is not available on Google Play and the only way to install it is to obtain the APK of said app through the Internet, and that is when we we can find insecure APKs.

By this we mean that Not all APKs available on the Internet are virus free and safe, you may find some other case, but it is difficult to discover until you install the application and begin to notice strange behaviors.

Hence the fact that you have to activate the installation from unknown sources on Android, a parameter that allows you to install a 3rd party APK, something that in some cases may not be the best idea. In any case, it is always better to install any app from Google Play.

If it is not possible, make sure that the APK you have downloaded is safe and it does not contain any type of virus, and for that you have the option to perform some other step prior to its installation on your Android phone or tablet.

Check the APK signature

One of the first steps you should take if you download the APK on your mobile or computer is check the authenticity of the application signature, that is to say, that the developer who created it is the same person as the firm, an infallible method.

Why? Because from the moment it is modified for some reason, the application is no longer authentic, which means that the signature does not match that of the original developer of the application and it can be dangerous to install it on your mobile

For make sure the APK is original and it is safe just to enter the web that we will leave you just below, upload the APK and wait a few moments for the web to perform the analysis in which you can get 2 results, that the APK is authentic or has been modified.

If it is original and authentic, see a green message that informs you that the app is the official version unmodified and the APK is safe, while if it is not, you will see a red warning that the APK is modified and recommends you avoid installing it on the device.

Image - How to know if an APK has no virus and is safe

Web: APK signature verification

Search for viruses with VirusTotal

Apart from knowing if the APK you are going to install on your Android phone is safe or not, you should also check if it contains any type of virus or its installation is safe because it is free of any type of malware. You can do this with Total Virus.

VirusTotal is a web service with which you can analyze applications, programs and others for some type of virus thanks to its 55 antivirus engines and 61 detection engines that work together analyzing any file you upload to the web.

Simply enter the web from your mobile or PC, choose the File option and upload the APK You want to check if it has a virus. A few moments after starting the analysis and in a few seconds you will get the results, if it appears in green you can be calm.

Image - How to know if an APK has no virus and is safe

Scan the APK with your antivirus

To be even more secure, it is advisable to download the APK on your computer and then pass it to the mobile, but as a previous step it will also be convenient analyze it with the antivirus you currently have installed on your computer, in our case Avast.

By right clicking on the APK and clicking on analyze the selected elements or another option that will vary depending on the antivirus you have, you will be able to know in a few seconds if it contains any type of virus or not, otherwise do not install it on any device.

Image - How to know if an APK has no virus and is safe

Install it in BlueStacks and try the app

If you still have any doubts, you can try to download the APK on your computer and install the app in APK format on BlueStacks to test it and use it for a while until you finally decide whether or not to install it on your mobile or tablet.

BlueStacks becomes like a virtual machine with Android Fully functional where you can install apps from Google Play or via APK. In this case, install the app and try it for a few days to see if it works well, you see strange things, etc.

In any case, if the analysis of the signature is negative and the virus search is also affirmative, it means that it is not a APK Safe and has viruses, so it is totally inadvisable to install and use it.

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