how to do the viral challenge

The first thing you have to have to meet this viral challenge is to have skills with drawing programs, or simply drawing. The Toon Me Challenge is to give free rein to our creativity, in fact, there are those who are not good at drawing, but they still wanted to join the viral challenge.

Throughout the Instagram feed, when looking for the hashtag #ToonMeChallenge, there are real works of art that cause that feeling of "healthy envy", since when we look at our result we feel like a 3-year-old child who is learning to pick up a pencil.

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To do this viral challenge we must choose a photo of us, cut it in half and reconstruct the missing part with a drawing. We take the opportunity to say that in the images where animals come out, many more likes are obtained and you have to take advantage before Instagram removes the likes of your social network.

In the market there are tools that have become popular among artists and fans digital drawing, such as the iPad, in any of its variants. But the Toon Me Challenge can not only be done as there are those who have used others Computer programs, and there are even those who have taken shine to the mill and have cut a photo of him, and have joined it to the other half edited with some mobile app.

Image - Toon Me Challenge: how to do the viral challenge

The thing is to participate in the fashion challenge, since that helps our Instagram profile to have greater visibility. It is one of the keys we gave if we want to make money with our Instagram profile.

One way or another, we should not forget to use the #ToonMeChallenge to participate in the new viral challenge. In addition, we can take advantage of this challenge to publicize our artistic gifts or propose to improve on the subject of digital drawing by following the dozens of tutorials on YouTube.

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