How to do the Dolly Parton challenge

We like challenges and memes, and when it comes to "laughing" at oneself, it's better. Dolly Parton Challenge It is a new viral challenge that consists of putting 4 profile pictures that represent the attitude of 4 social networks.

But the funny thing about this challenge is that it was started by Dolly Parton herself. This singer, businesswoman, producer, actress, composer, writer, etc. American has created a worldwide meme without realizing it and all thanks to his photo of his 74 birthday.

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Image - How to do the Dolly Parton challenge

Because of that, the meme went viral with the hashtag #DollyPartonChallenge And if you also want to participate follow these steps:

  1. Download the app to create your own Instagram collages (Layout from Instagram), or room from the Instagram app itself. We recommend using the individual app because it is easier to create the collage, it allows us to go back, save the result, come back later, etc.
  2. Download Layout for Android


  1. Download Layout for iOS


  1. Once inside the app, we accept all permissions and we are choosing the photos that we believe most represent social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tinder. There are those who put Facebook instead of Twitter, it is already to everyone's taste.
  2. Once we have the 4 photos chosen, click on the top bar of the app and we select the collage design that we like the most. In this case, and to go online with the challenge, we must choose the one with 4 equal parts.

Image - How to do the Dolly Parton challenge

  1. We click on that design and if we like the final result, we save it and then We can share it both in Instagram Stories and in the feed.

Image - How to do the Dolly Parton challenge

  1. To put the names of the social networks to which each photo belongs, we can do it in the Stories, directly, or if we are going to publish in the feed we must go through sheet metal and paint.
  2. We open the galley of our mobile, We select the collage and give it to edit. Among all the options, it should appear to write text, label text, write, etc.

Image - How to do the Dolly Parton challenge

  1. Once we have the names on, and we like the final result, We enter Instagram and publish manually in Stories or in the feed. Do not forget to use the hashtag #DollyPartonChallenge, and some other hashtag to get many likes.

In this simple way, we can join the fashion challenge that the great Dolly Parton has started on his own Instagram account.

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