High priority notifications reach WhatsApp!

WhatsApp launch an update that will allow the application to have a high priority notification section.

Version 2.18.117 of the WhatsApp beta has introduced, on Wednesday, high-priority notifications, which appear in the 'Notifications' section of the 'Settings' menu, in a new option that, when checked, will show a preview of Notifications at the top of the screen.

This functionality, which will be incorporated in the coming weeks, will be activated by default. This function will help the user whoWhatsApp ads are above any other appon the notification screen. Its operation is very similar to the anchoring of contacts, which allows anchoring up to 3 conversations at the top, where they will remain until they are removed.

As explained by the WetaInfo portal, once this option is checked, the notifications received by the user will appear anchored at the top of the notification center.

What do you think about this new update? What is useful?

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