premieres hbo february

HBO premieres for February 2020

premieres hbo february

The month of love is approaching and on HBO they are quite clear. Why? Because in February there will be several romantic comedies for all tastes. And this time, we will reveal what all the HBO premieres for February 2020.

These are the HBO premieres for the month of February

If you are a fan of romantic movies, then you will love everything HBO brings during the month of February. Read each of the titles and draw your own conclusions!

New movies

  • Reservoir dogs (February 1)
  • Closer (February 1)
  • Rumbos (February 1)
  • Blue Hell (February 1)
  • Underworld: Blood Wars (February 1)
  • The Punisher (February 1)
  • In search of happiness (February 1)
  • The pelayos (February 1)
  • Money Monster (February 1)
  • Hitch (February 1)
  • Life (February 2)
  • Bad Girls (February 14)
  • Crazy, stupid, love (February 14)
  • When I find you (February 14)
  • I wish it were true (February 14)
  • How to lose a boy in 10 days (February 14)
  • We have to talk (February 14)
  • Queens (February 14)
  • The Untouchables of Eliot Ness (February 14)
  • You have an e-mail (February 14)
  • Chocolate city (February 28)

Series to arrive

In addition to all those films, HBO also premieres very interesting series in February. Without a doubt, it is a special month and each premiere makes it quite clear.

McMillion $ (February 4)

Documentary series that tells the story of an ex-cop, turned into a security auditor, who manipulated the Mc Donalds monopoly game during a decade stealing millions of dollars.

Katy Keene (February 7)

A riverdale spinoff which is based on the future fashion legend Katy Keene, singer and songwriter Josie McCoy, the performer Jorge Lpez and Pepper Smith. Follow your adventures while chasing your dreams in New York City!

High Maintenance (February 8)

A series that brings the adventures of The Guy and his peculiar clients, an American trafficker whose life will keep you entertained for a long time.

The great friend: a bad name (February 10)

Second season of the series based on the famous saga written by Elena Ferrante. Lila and Elena are 16 years old and bored of the routine. Lila has just married but it is as if she had lost her identity by taking her husband's last name. Elena is an exemplary student, but she doesn't feel happy either inside or outside of the neighborhood. During the holidays, both meet their old childhood friend, a moment that will change their lives forever.

Strike Back (February 15)

The series based on the novel by former soldier Chris Ryan continues. Daniel Scott, US Special Forces agent, joins the secret military unit to stop a terrorist group. However, his arrogance will bring him problems with British formality.

Comedy documentaries and specials

  • Ali & Cavett: the tale of the tapes (February 12)
  • We are the dream: the kids of oakland mlk oratorial fest (February 12)
  • Whitmer Thomas: the golden one (February 23)

Series and films for children

  • Ben 10, seasons 1 and 3 (February 7)
  • Lazytown, seasons 1 and 2 (February 14)
  • New Looney Tunes, season 1 (February 21)
  • Mighty Mike, season 1 (February 28)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, season 5 (February 28)
  • Doraemon and the great adventure in Antarctica (February 7)
  • Looney Tunes in … a perfume never seen (February 21)

Remember that you can download your series or movies on HBO to watch them later without the need for the Internet. And if you already got bored of the platform, check out these HBO and Netflix alternatives, some love it!