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Facebook is building its own mobile operating system

Facebook order to Microsoft Windows NT co-author Mark Lucovsky, who help them create a new social network from scratch and an operating system that they could use in Oculus and Portal, not to use Google's Android and generate more interaction between users and improve the security (if a miracle occurs) of their devices.

We really want to make sure that the next generation has room for us. We do not believe that we can rely on the market or the competition to ensure that this is the case. And so we will do it ourselves, said Facebook hardware vice president Andrew Boz Bosworth in an interview.

It seems that Facebook is preparing to create a whole new ecosystem based on virtual reality and therefore needs its own S.O. According to a site report The Information, Facebook is doubling the hardware by building or acquiring many of the key ingredients needed to run the devices it plans for the future, such as augmented reality viewers. It has teams dedicated to making their own custom silicon chips, a voice assistant driven by artificial intelligence and technology capable of deciphering human thoughts.

With your operating system, you can also avoid a disagreement between Google and Facebook to derail the Oculus, Portal or future devices road maps. We have asked Facebook for more details about your local operating system.

No further details on when this new operating system or the investment that Zuckerberg is making to obtain it, but according to The Techcrunch.

Facebook worked on a secret project named in Oxygen code around 2013 that will help you distribute Android applications from outside the Google Play store if necessary. That same year he also presented his failed phone built with HTC hardware that was running a forked version of Android and the Facebook Home user interface.

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