5 essential Android applications for back to school

Essential Android applications for back to school

We cannot escape our obligations, the time has come to return to daily tasks. Not only to work, but also to class: the classrooms have begun to fill up this week with students who they arrive with the batteries charged after the holidays. And not only the batteries, we want you to carry your mobile loaded with essential apps for your institute, university, master … Or why not, also for your work, that the applications we will recommend will be very useful.

What is the most necessary in a classroom? Listening, learning, transferring the explained to the notes calculate the simplest mathematical operations, create notes … Well, then you have a great help for your classes. Whenever in your classrooms smartphone use allowedof course

Voice recorder with option to transcribe voice to text

5 essential Android applications for back to school

A voice recorder is essential in classes where you can use the smartphone. These types of applications allow you to record everything the teacher says so you don't miss any of his explanations. Usually all phones bring their own recording app, but, just in case you need something more complete, we recommend GOM Recorder. It allows you to adjust the audio file, the quality of the recording, start recording by gestures… And it includes a system of voice to text transcription so you have your notes written without using the keys. Of course, this mode "TTS" does not record the audio.

Facilitates the task of doing math exercises

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A scientific calculator application is not a bad idea because with it you will have access to the simplest operations to alleviate the burden of mathematics. But there is an app that is even better: Wolfram Alpha, a tool that facilitates the calculation and processing of many mathematical operations. If you usually do calculations usually sure that Wolfram Alpha solves your life on more than one occasion. It is worth 3.19 euros, but you will pay it off quickly.

Plan your classes, exercises, work delivery …

5 essential Android applications for back to school

Having everything planned to deliver homework on time and knowing exactly when the exams are is essential. There are many apps that allow you to manage tasks and calendars, but we are left with Ticktick, a complete ToDo application, task manager, synchronizes calendar appointments, allows you to create notes… And above it's cross platform, so you can use it on your mobile, computer or tablet. It is free and offers extended features via in-app subscription.

Not missing the Office tools on your mobile

5 essential Android applications for back to school

It is essential to have a text editor on your mobile, also an application for spreadsheets, presentations … Usually Google tools are enough (Drive, Documentes, Spreadsheets, Keep…) and you will not need anything else, but there is no doubt that Microsoft offers better applications. We recommend your Android app package: it works great, it is very powerful and you can use it without having an Office subscription.

With all of the above you should have enough to equip your smartphone facing the back to school. The mobile is a very useful tool if used correctly and as long as teachers let it into the classroom. Always respect the rules of your school.