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Dec-Dec, an App to Learn to Spell Words in Various Languages

Spell and learn words in several languages ​​with Dic-Dic

All young children find it difficult to learn to read and write and many have some other problem to pronounce certain words in Spanish. Imagine when they start from small to learn English or French, the process of reading and writing can become an almost impossible task. Dec-Dec is a different application that helps the little ones in the house in the arduous task of learning to read and write correctly. And playing is the best way to do it.

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This application developed by Perception Technologies S.L., is designed for children of 4 years, full of reading and writing learning. Children will have with Dec-Dec a fantastic tool that will help you to learn, they find it much easier and easier to get in front of a book. Almost without realizing it, they will be learning to read in several languages ​​and with the advantage that they will play it.

Your children will learn in a simple and fun way, do you sign up?

The app is very simple, it presents an educational game in which your children can practice writing and correspondence between sounds and graphs in a very fun way. With a simple and intuitive operation, very visual, with nice images and designs, it is ideal for children to play with total autonomy and security without the help of an adult.

dic_dic_ipad_app_store_2 "width =" 480 "height =" 360 "srcset =" 480w, 467x350.jpeg 467w "sizes =" (max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px "/></p><p>The game's mechanics are simple, a child's voice pronounces you a word accompanied by a representative image, be it a duck, a meln or a horse, the child or the girl must write the word correctly. Depending on the difficulty that has been chosen, it can be done at three different levels and the number of tracks will be increased or decreased. All this can be done in five languages, <strong>Spanish, English, American, French and Catalan.</strong>They will also be rewarded if they do well.</p><p><img class=