Commemorative editions of Mate 20 Pro and Nova 4

Commemorative editions of Mate 20 Pro and Nova 4

A couple of days ago we announced on the page the achievement that Huawei had in terms of the number of devices delivered for this year 2018 and that exceeded 200 million. Despite the obstacles in some countries, they met their established goal and will surely look higher in 2019.

There are usually no special editions by brands, at least not for this reason, but Huawei has already announced that its two high-end devices, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the Huawei Nova 4 they will receive an improvement as part of a celebration for the goal achieved.

Something that distinguishes the two devices is that in the back they will have a gold-colored mark that denotes the goal of the 200 million with the Huawei logo. Apart in the case of Mate 20 Pro, there will be an increase in its RAM and storage leaving it with 8 GB and 256 GB respectively.

Mate 20 Pro Nova 4

The colors of both terminals will also be special with a textured jade green tone for the Mate and a red that approaches pink for the Nova. It should be clarified that for the latter the change is only aesthetic.

It is not yet known if these versions will come out of China and neither will the price they will have. We will be aware of the information as soon as it arrives from this side of the globe. You who think this way to celebrate? They should send one to the team, right? Without more, we are reading in the comment box.

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