an economical digital drawing tablet ┬╗ERdC

an economical digital drawing tablet ┬╗ERdC

Wacom One: an economical digital drawing tablet

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Wacom has presented the new tablet Wacom one; which it has a screen pencil. The device allows you to draw on your screen with the included pencil; this comes to the market for the price of $ 400, which is cheaper than previous offers launched by the company. The company's previous offers had a base price of up to $ 650; Therefore, the price decrease has been considerable.

Features and specifications of Wacom One

The Wacom one it has a huge screen of 13 inch, which has a resolution of 1080p; and to this is added a range of NTSC colors of 72%. The screen has a response time of 26 ms; This may seem slow for some professional artists who like a quick response canvas. A optical pencil which does not use a battery is also included in the Wacom One. The pencil can be used to draw with 4,096 pressure levels and an inclination of up to 60 degrees. Retractable legs have been incorporated into the device; These allow users to mount it vertically on any surface.

The new tablet of Wacom is compatible with Mac, Windows PC and certain Android devices. Android devices compatible with the Wacom One are thought to be flagship models. Wacom provides applications such as long-lasting Bamboo Paper; It also gives Celsys Clip Studio Paint Pro six-month access.

Wacom One is scheduled to go on sale later this month. The device will be selling at the Wacom online store, on, at select Best Buy locations; and also be sold by other authorized Wacom partners.

The new Wacom One is a creative tablet intended for those people who like to make artistic drawings and put their imagination to fly; surely keep your users very happy and serve as a great working tool. Before any new news, we will be attentive to take it to you.


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