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Ace of easy is to transfer data between iPhone and Android with MobileTrans

The great presence of mobile devices, we all have at least one, makes us take with great zeal the data that we keep in them. The value we give to any of these devices no longer resides only in how it is, what it does or its design, but in what we keep inside. From vacation photos or the birth of our children, to notes with sensitive information, through contacts or even financial information. We have already explained many times the need to make good backup copies of everything you have in them.

On the other hand, there are many of us who use several terminals at the same time. One for personal use, another for work, a spare or even the one we use for hiking. The drop in prices of some of them makes the user consider having a reservation device. But of course, not all are advantages, since transferring information from phone to phone can be an odyssey. And if we talk about an Apple device to an Android device or vice versa, The matter can get complicated.

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The importance of a WhatsApp backup and transfer also requires some care. On certain occasions we have important conversations that We don't want to lose if we switch from one device to another. Nothing worse than changing your phone and checking that the talk you liked so much to reread you no longer have. To avoid these problems we can use MobileTrans, a revolutionary application for your computer with which you can easily transfer your data between different devices.

This is MobileTrans

MobileTrans is an application that we can use both on our Windows computer or those who use the MacOS system. The installation is very simple and has a very light download in its favor, thanks to the low weight of the file. Once the permits have been installed and granted, we only have to connect the devices to our computer using the corresponding cable and perform the action we want.


The 4 best features of Mobiletrans

MobileTrans – Telephone or data transfer

You can pass contacts, photos, music, contacts, text messages and any type of files from one phone to another. This is as simple as connecting both devices, and choose the types of content you want to move from one to another. The transfer is done in a very short time and it is as if by magic, everything you need on your other device. Ideal for when we release mobile, since it simplifies the task a lot and makes us save time.


MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

Do not suffer and transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another, make a backup of this and other apps such as Line, WeChat, Kik or Viber to your computer and restore them. You can also do it directly from one device to another, without long waiting times. The process is done in the same way., just connect both phones via cable to the computer and MobileTrans takes care of everything. Or if what you want is to save those cups on your computer, much simpler, connect your phone and the app takes care of the rest.


MobileTrans – Backup

Avoid data loss by making a copy of your phone's content iOS or Android on your PC or Mac computer.

MobileTrans – Restore

Thanks to this option you can restore backup files on a phone, including iTunes and MobileTrans backups. As you can see, a tool that It covers all the needs of any user.

So simple is to use MobileTrans

We have already explained to you how easy it is to use MobileTrans, you just have to have your device with enough battery, your computer on and the application installed. Simply start the app, connect the phone (s) to 1 or 2 free USB ports on your device and wait for MobileTrans to detect them. Now it is you who decides what you want to do, from a backup to pass data from one to another, or save your WhatsApp conversations on your computer.

MobileTrans is an application that costs very little for everything you do. If your computer is Windows you can enjoy the complete kit for 39.95 dollars, and if it is Mac, for only 49.95 dollars per year. If you prefer, you can choose only the option of data transfer or WhatsApp for 29.95 or 39.95 dollars, depending on whether you choose Windows or Mac.

Anyway, have you thought that perhaps it suits you more to have it forever? Well alone if you add 10 dollars to each price plan, we can enjoy MobileTrans permanently, without small print or payments added.