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4 things you should do when releasing a new Android phone

Some months ago we gave you some tips on what to do in case your phone is lost or stolen, so this time you will have some tips that you should follow once you release a new phone, so you can make the most of it and The worry will be less in case of a loss or theft.

1- Activate automatic backups

Although this option usually comes by default on many phones, you are never really verifying that the Backups automatic on your device, this way when you change equipment or restore to factory settings you can easily and quickly your data and applications from your previous phone.

To activate the backup we have to go to the settings> system> backup> enable automatic copy in Google Drive.

It is important to emphasize that Drive backups do not take up storage space of our Drive account. On the other hand, if you are an Android One user you can also activate automatic backups from the application in the configuration section.

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2- Activate biometric security

Today the phone has so much information that if we steal it or lose it we put many things at risk, for this reason it is important to activate the biometric security of the equipment.

Currently many Android phones have facial recognition or fingerprint recognition systems, so it is important that you activate what you consider most comfortable and safe for you.

On the other hand, you must also activate a PIN or password that you will be asked each time you turn on the equipment, and if possible do not use simple passwords or a PIN with the same or consecutive numbers.

To activate both the PIN, password and biometric security you will have to go to the settings> security> PIN (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc).

3- SIM card lock

Another point that many users overlook is the blocking of the SIM card, which is going to help you so that in case someone removes the SIM from your phone they cannot access it, so they will not be able to see your information or neither use it for calls and SMS.

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With the SIM card lock activated you are asked for a PIN every time you turn on the phone or insert the SIM card into a new device, so it is highly recommended to activate it.

To activate the SIM card lock you need to go to the settings> security> SIM card lock> activate> set 4-digit PIN.

4- Download these applications

To conclude with these security and privacy tips we recommend you download the following applications:

Find my device

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Help you locate, block or format your phone remotely in case you lose it or steal it.

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If you want to surf on public Wi-Fi networks or simply want your browsing to be totally private, then this application will help you hide from the companies that control the Internet.


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An excellent password manager to help you always create new passwords for important services, but above all remember them for you, in this way you no longer have an excuse to use different passwords in several services and thus not compromise your security.