10 trucos de EMUI 10 para sacar provecho a tu móvil Huawei

10 tricks of EMUI 10 to take advantage of your Huawei mobile

10 tricks of EMUI 10 to take advantage of your Huawei mobile

EMUI 10, the new version of the Huawei customization layer, is already present in a wide variety of devices, such as the Huawei P30, the Mate 20 series, Huawei Nova 5T and recently the Huawei P Smart 2019. This new version, which Run under Android 10, it has great news. These focus on a new design in the applications and interface, but there are also very interesting options that we can take advantage of. Here are 10 tricks for EMUI 10 that you should not miss.

Record screen

We can record the screen of our terminal with EMUI 10, and there are two ways to do it. The first is from the option we see in the upper notifications area, in the direct access section. We just have to click on the icon and start recording the screen. There is also another way to record the screen of our terminal, and this is possibly the most useful. It consists of double tapping with the knuckles on the screen to start recording. This option may be disabled by default, it is activated in Settings> Accessibility features> Shortcuts and gestures> Record screen. Then, activate this option.

Emergency call

Have you had an incident and need to call emergencies? This option is very useful if you suffer one or another accident and need to quickly contact emergency services. It consists of pressing the power button 5 times and waiting 3 seconds for the terminal to perform the necessary steps, without the need for you to do anything. Of course, before you should fill in your emergency data and activate the option in the system settings, since it is disabled by default.

To do this, you should go to Settings> Security> SOS Emergency. Then, click on the text that says Emergency Information. Ah you should add your name, address and other medical information that may be useful, such as your blood, if you take any medication, if you have allergies or more. You can also select emergency contacts in case you have any type of problem.

Now, when you press five times in succession on the power button, the option will be activated. You can cancel before the end of the 3 seconds.

Check your account passwords

password manager

When you add an account on your Huawei mobile in any app, the device allows you to save the password on your terminal so you can quickly log in. If you add this option, you will probably forget what password you put in the account, but there is a section in the settings where you can see it in each account.

Go to Settings> Security> Password manager. Then, enter the PIN of your device. There will appear all the accounts in which you have logged in to your device. The mail will appear, and your click on each application you can see the password. Huawei will allow you to delete that account from the device if you prefer. You can also disable this manager from the main screen, within the option.

Accelerate the animations

EMUI 10 It comes with new animations that simulate a screen very frequently at 90 Hz. They are much more fluid and striking. You may want to speed up these animations even more, and the truth is that there is a way through the development settings.

First of all it is necessary to activate the development options. To do this, we are going to Settings> About the phone and press several times on the option that says Compilation number. Then, we will have to enter the PIN of our terminal. We go back to the settings and click on the option that says System and updates and then on Developer options.

Go down to the Drawing section and change the scales of the animations to 0.5. Vers that are now much faster.

Program the on and off

on off

A simple trick that can be very useful: program on and off. What can this do? To save a battery in your device, for example, since you can turn it off at night and turn it on in the morning, useful if you cannot charge the device.

To program the ignition, go to Settings> Accessibility features> Programmed on / off. Then, activate the option and select the on and off time. Remember that, as the device starts again, you must enter the SIM card PIN, as well as the password.