10 best search engines

10 best search engines

Google has focused as the undisputed leader in the online industry and at least part of our daily online activity depends on Google services. More than a whopping 100 web-based products and low hardware, it is fair to say that Google services have taken over our digital lives. The perfect synchronization of user data between different products and services is what makes Google an online data organizer better and better.

But you have to consider some concessions before basing all your online activity on Google services.

Why the need for Google alternatives?

Although Google is the de facto industry standard for web search and is also used as a verb for the web search engine, it has some drawbacks. As Google preaches, 'Do not do evil!', Unfortunately, they have the presence of some notoriety on the web. It is definitely not recommended to put all the eggs of your activity online in a single basket and there are some other key reasons to consider Google Alternatives.

Google has numerous accusations for manipulating the search results in its own favor. Yelp even hired Tim Wu, the father of net neutrality to prove that Google's search results are biased. In addition, Google has been showing an important part of search results bombarded with ads recently. The death of blank spaces and the infused Google ad is not what many online users would like.

In addition to all this, Google also keeps track of what all its users are looking for, to show better ads; Or so they say! If you don't want an Internet giant to easily give up your online activity, you might want to take a look at some Google alternatives, with better privacy guaranteed.

Top 10 Google alternatives for the search

So, whatever your case, if you're looking for a better alternative to Google Search everywhere, here are the 10 Best Google Alternatives.

1. Bing

Although Google, as of now has a 64.5% market share, the second largest search engine in the United States is currently Bing, with a 19.8% market share . Backed by Microsoft, the Bing search engine now even drives the search results obtained by Yahoo! Search for. The Bing homepage has a constantly changing background consisting of places, animals, people, sports, etc. Bing's key capabilities include the ability to perform operational calculations, sports results, flight tracking, product purchases, translation, conversions, spell checking. and more

Bing also presents Bing Ads, Bing Events, Bing Finance and more according to the task at hand. Bing also easily integrates with Facebook and on Apple and Windows-based devices. In addition to presenting their own standalone mobile applications, Bing is easily one of the best alternatives of Google.

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2. DuckDuckGo