With these tips you can get more out of Google Assistant

With these tips you can get more out of Google Assistant

You may not know it but Google Assistant is not just a virtual assistant that can schedule alarms or appointments; In fact, it works for many other really useful things. You can have fun, get out of trouble, learn, translate, among other uses that you should take advantage of the personal assistant.

Before starting it is necessary to have a version of Android 6.0 onwards. Once you have your mobile device ready, it is necessary that you have set up the assistant through your smartphone mentioning the phrase Ok, Google, you see that everything is very simple.

That said, we will show you some tips below to get out of your comfort zone with Google Assistant.

Basic Tasks

Google Assistant is able to send you reminders, schedule appointments or alarms, send messages to your contacts or make calls, activate your WiFi or Bluetooth, open an application, increase or decrease the volume, play music, among many other things that you may not be able to do while driving, but for that Google Assistant is present. Just summon it with the phrase Ok, Google to then mention your order.

Make Google Assistant read and reply to messages

Imagine that you are in a problem that keeps your hands occupied, and you urgently need to read a message that has reached your device. You can talk to your assistant to read it. Just ask him if you have messages and show you the ledos and not ledos. Or, if you prefer, ask him to open WhatsApp so that you automatically have the opportunity to see your group or individual conversations. Of course, you can do it with any other application.


It is important to mention that these options are not the only ones offered by Google Assistant, there are more options, but this time we present the most basic ones, once said this we can continue. It happened to you that you want to see a movie, but you still don't know what movie is on the billboard? Well this is where Google Assistant comes in. Treljate, carry out your responsibilities and let Assistant do everything. Or, if you are interested in other things, the assistant will help you. For example, you may want to know Juan Gabriel's age or the date of his death; You can question that kind of thing. In the following example, Google told us that the Mexican composer and performer died at 66 years of age.

We would like to know how was your experience in Google Assistant?

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