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what it is and how it works

It is a proven fact that Google has been trying to be present in all areas of technology and Google Pay It is good proof of that. We are going to tell you today what it is and how it works.

Google has been pretending to be the reference in what mobile payment it means. First it was with Google Wallet and then, in 2015, with Android Pay. But since they did not finish working, the Mountain View-based company decided to merge Google Wallet and Android Pay in 2018 to make way for what we know today as Google Pay.

With Google Pay s they hit the key, since It has become one of the most popular mobile payment systems and currently used. Anyway, it is still a way of paying unknown to many users despite the fact that Google Pay arrived in Spain in 2018, and that is why we will explain everything you should know to have all the necessary information to decide if you want to use it or do not.

This is Google Pay

Image - Google Pay: what it is and how it works

As we are telling you, Google Pay is the mobile payment system, smartwatch or any device that has Android and NFC. Not only does it allow us to pay, but it has other very interesting features that Google has been incorporating little by little, such as:

  1. Request or send money To friends or family.
  2. Can be add boarding passes.
  3. We can also have the tickets to events that we want

These functions will be incorporated more in future updates, as they have advanced from Google itself.

Obviously to be able to use these services or those of payment itself, we will have to use it in places that are compatible with Google Pay.

How to set up Android Pay

What we have more than clear is that, apart from other very interesting and practical functions, the main task of Google Pay is that of be able to pay, either online or physically.

In order to use Google Pay to pay in physical stores we will have to configure those applications in the application credit or debit cards that we want are present in the app. To do this we must follow very simple steps:

  1. We download and install the application Google Pay from the official app store, Google Play Store.


  1. We open the application and after registering we must click on the button Payment, located in the center of the bottom of the app. Now we must click on Payment Method.

Image - Google Pay: what it is and how it works

  1. Then the camera will open and we must point to the card so that the data is automatically incorporated. If this method does not work too we can manually enter the data of our credit or debit card, such as name, expiration date or CCV.
  2. Once this is done, most times from the bank send an SMS to the phone number with which that card is associated, with a security code that we must enter in Google Pay. So easy and fast is to have our cards in Google Pay.

But not only can we use Google Pay on mobile, but We have the possibility to use it also in our PC. This system can be useful if we find an online store, which among the payment systems that accept this Google Pay and we want to use it.

To have Google Pay on your computer you just have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Enter in the Google Pay website and log in with a Google account.
  2. Now we must access the section Payment Methods. Click on Add payment method And now is when we must put all the data of the credit or debit card that we want to use, manually.

Now we are ready to pay on any website that allows us to use Google Pay. In order to use all these methods, we must have a compatible bank and card With this system.

Banks and cards compatible with Google Pay

While it is true that there is more and more Google Pay compatible banks, we are going to leave you an extensive list with all the compatible banks and cards, as of the date of this article, in Spain.

  1. Bankinter: All Mastercard and Visa cards.
  2. Bankinter Consumer Finance: All Mastercard and Visa cards.
  3. BBVA: Visa cards (Affinity Card, Barcel Travel, Business Gold, Business Silver, Classic, etc.), At your own pace, Affinity Red Cross Dbito and Employees, Now Blue, CX and UNO-e, various Mastercard cards, Platinum Personal Banking, Platinum CX, Weekly CX, Bacchus Card, Now Mastercard, Blue Ten and other loyalty cards, Visa (Affinity Card, Barcel Travel, Business Gold, Business Silver, Classics, etc.), etc.
  4. ING: private debit and credit.
  5. Edenred: Restaurant Ticket Card.
  6. American Express Spain: American Express Business, Corporate and private cards
  7. Openbank: Open, Diamond, Premium, MiniCard, Open University and 4B credit card, Open, Premium and Diamond credit card.
  8. Post: Prepaid MasterCard.
  9. N26: N26 Standard, Black and Metal.
  10. Sodexo: Restaurant Pass Card, Transport Pass Card, Business Pass Card.
  11. Revolut: All the cards.
  12. Bankia: all cards except university cards, gift cards, gas cards and those prior to the reconversion of the bank.
  13. Mediolanum Bank: Classic Visa, Gold and Electron.
  14. Barca March: All Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.
  15. Rebellion: Rebellion Pay.
  16. Pichincha Bank: Visa Dbito and Crdito Banco Pichincha.
  17. Pibank: Visa Dbito and Crdito Pibank.
  18. Boon: Virtual Prepaid MasterCard.
  19. Bunq: MasterCard
  20. Cajasur: Visa cards
  21. Kutxabank: Visa cards
  22. Liberbank: Mastercard and Visa cards.
  23. Unicaja: Mastercard and Visa cards.
  24. Fan: Electron, Mastercard and Visa cards.
  25. Ibercaja: Electron, Mastercard and Visa cards.
  26. Cecabank: Mastercard and Visa cards.
  27. Ontinyent: Mastercard and Visa cards.
  28. Rural Box: debit, credit and prepaid Visa cards, credit cards and prepaid Mastercard.
  29. Monese: Monese cards.
  30. Evo Bank: Visa cards
  31. TransferWise: MasterCard cards

Pay in stores with Google Pay

With Google Pay we can pay both in physical stores and online, and even in apps that are compatible.

To pay in treasury stores (millions worldwide according to Google) we just have to make sure that you can pay for contactless system (highly extended by our country) or by Google Pay.

To find out, we must look in the payment methods section, which every store has to have, the contactless or Google Pay symbols.

Image - Google Pay: what it is and how it works

Once we check that the store is compatible, we just have to bring our mobile phone closer with the screen on to the dataphone (it is not necessary to have Google Pay active) of the store and wait for the operation to be carried out (normally it alerts you with a continuous beep).

There is a multitude of physical stores compatible with Google Pay In Spain, some of them are:

  1. The English Cut.
  2. Fnac.
  3. Lidl.
  4. MediaMarkt
  5. 100 Montaditos.
  6. Repsol
  7. Starbucks
  8. Bershka
  9. Bricor
  10. Cortefiel
  11. Ginos
  12. Hypercor
  13. H&M.
  14. Marco Aldany.
  15. Massimo Dutti
  16. 2000 optical.
  17. Pans & Company.
  18. Pull & Bear
  19. Sfera
  20. Springfield
  21. Stradivarius
  22. SuperCor
  23. Vips
  24. Women secret
  25. Zara.

We also have the option to use the Google payment system in some applications and websites, such as:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Deliveroo
  3. Etsy
  4. Fandango
  5. Groupon
  6. Tonight hotel.
  7. PC Components.
  8. Privalia
  9. Ticketmaster
  10. Uber
  11. Vueling
  12. Zara online.

Now that you know what Google Pay is and how it works, and tennis all the data to decide if you want to use it. What seems clear is that we are facing a system that will be increasingly established in our lives, until it becomes essential.

ING Direct comes to Google Pay

Do you usually use Google Pay? Do you think it's practical?

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