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What is the best Android One of the year in Mexico?

2019 was again a year in which some manufacturers opted for Android One, in the case of Nokia its entire line of devices came under this program, while Xiaomi only launched a Android One this year, and Motorola repeated with 2 Android One devices such as the Motorola One Vision and One Action.

In fact, of these last two devices, the one that most closely resembles that offered by the Nokia 6.2 and the Mi A3 is the One Vision, however, its price is much higher than that of these two devices, so we have decided to leave it out of this comparison and better analyze the entire Motorola One family separately later.

And although Nokia 7.2 is undoubtedly a more interesting option than Nokia 6.2, this one has not yet arrived in Mexico, so we will face 6.2 directly against the only Android One of Xiaomi launched this year.

Technical sheet Nokia 6.2 and Xiaomi Mi A3

Nokia 6.2Xiaomi Mi A3
screen6.3 inch IPS LCD6.09 inch Super AMOLED
Resolution 1080 x 2280 pixels 720 x 1560 pixels
Processor Snapdragon 636 Snapdragon 665
Internal storage128 GB 64/128 GB
Front camera8 MP32 MP
Rear cameraWide angle: 16 MP Ultra wide angle: 8 MP Depth: 5 MPWide angle: 48 MP Ultra wide angle: 8 MP Depth: 2 MP
Battery3,500mAh 10W fast charge4,030mAh Fast Charge 18W
Android version9.0 Foot9.0 Foot
OthersBluetooth 5.0NFCRadio FMBluetooth 5.0 FM radio Fingerprint reader on screen

Display: Nokia does better than Xiaomi

At the time we talked about the controversial screen of the Xiaomi Mi A3, which although it is not bad, it is not up to expectations, it is true that you need little time to get used to it, but you always have that feeling that the resolution could have been better

The great advantage of the Mi A3 over the Nokia 6.2 is its technology, since Xiaomi incorporates an OLED panel that gives us more natural colors, purer blacks and above all it benefits us with a lower energy consumption.

On the other hand, the great advantage of Nokia 6.2 is that it is the second phone in the mid-range world with a screen capable of supporting HDR, something that is certainly appreciated and it shows. And it not only offers a better resolution than the Xiaomi device, but also the HDR improves the experience when playing multimedia content.

Autonomous: point in favor for Xiaomi

Another point that is undoubtedly always of interest to users is that of the autonomous, and that is that the Mi A3 not only has a larger battery that helps you offer an autonomous, but the details of the screen as its resolution more low, the absence of HDR and of course that the OLED technology help you make your autonomy greater than that of Nokia.

The Nokia 6.2 can arrive with some work a day of use, while the Mi A3 can even support up to 2 days of use without problem, although it also depends a lot on the use you give it.

Another very important point related to the battery is the fast charge. Both devices have fast charging, however, here the Mi A3 beats Nokia 6.2, and the Xiaomi phone supports loads of up to 18W, while the Nokia device only supports 10W fast charging, that is, the charge more basic fast.

The bad thing is that the Mi A3 charger is 10W, so the only way to take advantage of the fast charging technology is to buy an 18W charger separately.

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Design: nobody does it better than Nokia

One of Nokia's strong foundations is undoubtedly the design, and it is that few mid-range phones feel as good at hand as Nokia's. For this model the Finnish firm used a glass body with rubbery plastic sides, which although they take away a little that great feeling in hand offered by the Nokia 7.1, the truth is that they help the team does not slip easily .

On the other hand, the Mi A3 also has a glass body with plastic sides that pretend to be metal, however, the sensation to the touch of the back is much more polished in the Nokia phone, it gets dirty less easily and the colors are more sober, although Xiaomi includes an interesting design that forms a kind of wave or silhouette in the back that could also be of the visual pleasure of many users.

On the front Xiaomi does a better job, because although both teams have a drop notch, the Chinese firm's phone has thinner frames, even the notch part is more stylized compared to what we see in the Nokia 6.2.

The phones are almost the same size, but the Mi A3 is somewhat smaller, first because it has a slightly smaller screen, and secondly because its frames are much better used, however, if we go to the numbers, the Nokia has more screen on the front with 82.5% compared to 80.3% of the Mi A3, although it is practically imperceptible to anyone.

Camera: two teams that meet and fail in the same conditions

The camera is a section where both devices practically tie, the two have 3 rear sensors that are distributed in a wide angle, an ultra wide angle and a depth sensor, and the only difference between one phone and another is that of Xiaomi It has a main sensor of 48 MP, while that of Nokia is 16 MP.

For everyday cases this does not make a big difference, but it is important to keep it in mind if you are interested in having photographs with more information and detail, but also heavier.

In good lighting conditions and with the HDR both teams comply, sometimes you can even say that the photographs have the same quality, although if you see them directly on the phone you will notice that they look better in Nokia 6.2 because it has a better screen .

As a recommendation it is good to have the HDR activated all the time, as it will help us a lot to have much more vivid and high contrast photographs. The bad thing comes when the light begins to be scarce, because here it is noted that both phones have a much harder job taking a good picture.

Both devices have night mode, and while the results are far from what the high-end offer, it is appreciated that at least they have the option. Although the difference is small again, it seems to me that the Nokia 6.2 is slightly better in the night mode compared to the Mi A3, the white balance is slightly better and there is less noise in the photographs.

Each brand uses its own camera application, I like Xiaomi more, but Nokia is more minimalist but that is not why it is simple, and that is a good thing that will certainly be liked by many users.

Small details

While the Mi A3 wins in things like thinner frames, a large autonomous and a faster charging system, the Nokia 6.2 has a point in favor that at first glance can be undervalued but that is one of the best things that has Made the mark with the latest models.

And we have a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant, maybe it sounds like something that will not make much sense, but the reality is that if you constantly use the Google assistant it will be your most comfortable life.

Another fact to take into account is that although its processors are not so different, the Mi A3 has a newer and more optimized chip, in the day to day you may not notice the difference in performance between one, but not It is worth knowing that the Mi A3 processor is slightly better.

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What is better?

  • Rear design: Nokia 6.2
  • Front design: Xiaomi Mi A3
  • Sensation in hand: Nokia 6.2
  • Display: Nokia 6.2
  • Autonomous: Xiaomi Mi A3
  • Charging time: Xiaomi Mi A3
  • Chamber: Draw
  • Performance: Xiaomi Mi A3