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What are Studio Ghibli movies that come to Netflix about?

studio ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's movie lovers can't be happier: 21 films from the renowned Japanese animated film house arrive on Netflix in February 2020. If you've never heard of them or just want to quench your cinfila curiosity, Here we tell you what these films are about and on what date they arrive at the platform.

The catalog of Studio Ghibli's productions in the service has subtitles in 28 languages ​​and dubbing in 20, so Netflix users in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America regions will have no problem seeing Chihiro's journey or My neighbor Totoro In your mother tongue.

February 1, 2020

The castle in the sky (1986)

Frame of the film The castle in the sky

There is controversy about whether it is the first official Studio Ghibli movie. The story first focuses on Sheeta, who tries to save the floating castle of Laputa, so it is besieged by a group of sandy pirates, who intend to take away an ancient magic stone. Subsequently, she meets Pazu, a cunning young man who helps him decipher the secret of the luminous object.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Frame of the film My Neighbor Totoro

The film, and a whole cultural cone, tells the story of the Satsuki and Mei sisters, who have moved to the countryside with their parents; Mam actually recovers from a disease at a nearby hospital. They discover the existence of forest spirits, and in an unexpected situation, Satsuki must turn to Totoro for help. Undoubtedly, a film that goes deep into the niez.

Kiki: home delivery (1989)

Kiki film frame: home delivery

As witches must do after their 13th birthday, Kiki has to leave her home to find a place where her services are required; In the process, in addition to discovering close friendships, you will also have to know yourself and understand what your place in the world is.

Memories of yesterday (1991)

Frame of the film Memories of yesterday

The past and present are combined in this seemingly common story, which follows Taeko, a 27-year-old girl who decides to take a vacation in the countryside, where she remembers her time at school, which serves to make decisions that will impact Her future. After The firefly's grave, this film by Isao Takahata for Studio Ghibli came.

Porco Rosso (1992)

Frame of the film Porco Rosso

In the interwar period, a unique character pilots the waters of the Adritico. It is a pig that is called Porco Rosso and whose mission is to deal with the pirates areos; Once he was ambushed by an American pirate, his goal is to repair his plane and prepare for revenge.

I can hear the sea (1993)

Frame of the film I can hear the sea

With the difference that this movie was made for television and for the young talent of Studio Ghibli, the story follows the young student Rikako Mut, who has just been transferred to one of the Kchi institutes, where he immediately catches the attention of the couple of friends Taku Morisaki and Yutaka Matsuno, especially the first.

Tales of Terramar (2006)

Frame of the film Tales of Terramar

The film is based on the fantasy stories of the writer Ursula K. Le Guin. The traverse they undertake is narrated, despite their differences, Gaviln and Arren to discover why the balance of the world has been broken; They will realize that the process is not easy, especially because of the internal battle they also have to deal with. Along the way, they meet other unique characters.

March 1, 2020

Nausica of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

Frame of the Nausica del Valle del Viento film

More than a princess, Nausica is a warrior in an environment where Earth has dangerous creatures, however, she cannot deny the sympathy she feels for a kind of giant insects. In addition to the hostile environment, she must face Princess Kushama, who has the mission of eliminating the alleged threats of the polluted forest.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

Frame of the film Princess Mononoke

For many, it is a masterpiece of animation and film that gave notoriety to Studio Ghibli. Ashitaka, a young warrior, in his adventure to reverse a curse that afflicts him, observes how the fight unfolds between the guardians of the forest and humans, in addition, he meets a singular young woman who has been raised by wolves.

My neighbors the Yamada (1999)

Frame of the film My neighbors the Yamada

This production goes a little out of the style of the house movies, however, it does not leave a bad taste in the mouth. By way of comic strips, the routine life of the Yamada, a middle-class Japanese family, but without losing the humorous touch is shown. It was Isao Takahata's fourth production for Studio Ghibli.

Chihiro's Journey (2001)

Frame of the film Chihiro's Journey

Multipremiada and box office, it is not uncommon to find this movie on the charts with the best of cinema. It tells the adventures of little Chihiro, who, recently moved to a new home, sees how her parents are turned into pigs after having tried various dishes. With the mission of saving them, he must return to his world, but first he will have to face Yubaba, a devilish creature.

The return of the cat (2002)

Frame of the film The Return of the Cat

Yes, it seems that the scope of Studio Ghibli can be summed up in Miyazaki and Takahata's proposals, however, this Hiroyuki Morita movie is not wasted; narrates how Haru, just to save the life of a dark-haired cat, is suddenly involved in the cat kingdom. Get out of this, however, your life take a 180 degree turn.

Arrietty and the world of the tiny ones (2010)

Frame of the film Arrietty and the world of the tiny

This film is nothing more and nothing less than the raw pear of Hiromasa Yonebayashi, which is based on the novel Los incursores, by Mary Norton. Although the tiny ones have the rule of not being seen by humans, everything changes when Sh is discovered by the teenage girl Arrietty. A powerful alliance is formed between the two, although the tiny ones are not out of danger.

The story of Princess Kaguya (2013)

Frame of the film The story of Princess Kaguya

Based on a popular Japanese story, the story follows a beautiful woman who was adopted by a couple of peasants and is intended by several men, however, she knows that her place is on the moon. The critic falls in love with the narrative of the film, as well as its visual finish; It ended up being qualified as a jewel of animation.

April 1, 2020

Pompoko (1994)

Frame of the film Pompoko

More than one defines it as the best Isao Takahata movie. He tells how a family of tanuki, a kind of Japanese raccoon, prepares against those humans who want to urbanize the forest where they live. Thus, they will do the impossible to preserve what is their home. The film stands out for its comic tone.

Whispers of the Heart (1995)

Frame of the film Whispers of the Heart

Yoshifumi Kondo, unfortunately, died after making his only film for Studio Ghibli, so it was no longer possible to verify if he was Miyazaki and Takahata's natural successor. Kondo tells the story of Shizuku, a teenage girl who is passionate about reading, and in the library where she plans to spend her vacations, she realizes that the same name, Seiji Amasawa, appears on the cards of the books that interest her. In everyday life, a friendship that has no equal between Seiji and Shizuk originatesor.

The Incredible Vagabond Castle (2004)

Frame of the film The Incredible Vagabond Castle

Another of Miyazaki's deliveries, in which he explores the story of Sophie, who works in a family hat shop, and Howl, a mysterious wizard. But not everyone is happy with this encounter, so the Witch of the Landes throws a curse that turns the young woman into a 90-year-old woman. In her adventure to reverse this situation, she arrives at the walking castle, where she receives the help of Markl and Calcifer, as well as Howl's.

Ponyo and the secret of the little mermaid (2008)

Frame of the film Ponyo and the secret of the little mermaid

This is Miyazaki's version of “The Little Mermaid,” by Hans Christian Andersen, and tells the wishes of Brunilda, a simple fish; One day, it falls into the hands of a boy named Ssuke, who decides to give him the name of Ponyo. Brunilda's father will do the impossible to return home, however, she now dreams of becoming a human being. It is a film that visually surprises.

The hill of poppies (2011)

Frame of the film The Hill of Poppies

In the nineteenth Studio Ghibli movie, Goro, Miyazaki's son, takes the reins of the address, while the legendary director takes the role of screenwriter. Set in the city of Yokohama in the early 60s, a story of friendship and youth love is told, in a social context in which Japan is about to hold an important international sporting event. How they decide to face the past and the present, be decisive so that the relationship of both young people goes to fruition.

The wind rises (2013)

Frame of the film The wind rises

Under Miyazaki's eye, the story tells the life of Jir Horikoshi, an engineer who developed several military aircraft, such as the one used in the attack on Pearl Harbor. In an extremely attractive visual style, the film covers from childhood to the maturity of Horikoshi, in a political and social environment of the most convulsed.

The memory of Marnie (2014)

Frame of the film The memory of Marnie

It is a film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, which tells the curious friendship between the mysterious Marnie and the lonely Anna. Little by little, more aspects of Marnie are discovered, while Anna, in the process, realizes that she is no longer that fearful girl who can not communicate with others. Again, this Studio Ghibli film stands out for its peculiar aesthetics.

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