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We teach you to split the screen on an iPhone or iPad

In the mobile hardware universe, multitasking is the line that divides fans from professionals. At present, as the screens grow in size and resolution, the ability to perform two or more operations in parallel at the same time is essential for productivity. Split screen mode has become a must for many, because it allows them to open two tabs or more to perform tasks more efficiently. In iOS 13, Apple makes things easier by allowing you to divide the screen between different applications to access them simultaneously, even by performing actions between them. The split screen function is easy to use, but you must first configure the device: we will tell you how to divide the screen on an iPhone or iPad.

Dividing the screen

The Dock is the heart of all the functions of the split screen, since it is where all the applications that can be opened are located. First, be sure to set up your iPhone or iPad through Settings> Start screen and Dock> Multitasking. Then, activate the three controls to Allow multiple applications, PiP and Gestures. This guarantees maximum flexibility regardless of what you want to do.

  • Move an application icon to the left side of the dock: First, locate all the applications you plan to use in the dock. You only have to do it once. Press and hold the application you want to use and drag it to the dock if it's not there yet. Icons can only be added on the left side of the splitter. On the right are the icons of the applications you used recently. Alternatively, if you don't want the applications to be in the dock, you can quickly start and close the applications you want to use to place their icons in the dock.
  • Start the application: If you use a main application with which you are dividing the screen and want your window to be larger, open that application first. You can only split the screen 50-50 or 25-75, so you can only use two applications at a time, although you can have several more open and waiting.
  • Swipe up from the bottom to access the dock: After starting the first application, swipe up on the toolbar to display the other applications in the dock and then select the second application.
  • Select and drag the application icon: Press and hold the second application and drag up out of the dock. When you move the open application, a rectangular window appears that you can drag to the left or right side of the screen, then release to open the second application.
  • Organize the split screen: You can organize the windows the way you want, left or right.
  • Hide and show the application tab: If you want to hide one of the applications, touch the gray bar at the top of your window and drag it to the side of the screen, the application temporarily disappears. Swipe in from the side to reappear.
  • Divide the screen evenly: The second tab is in front of the first by default, but you can divide the screen evenly between the two applications by touching and holding the gray bar at the top of the second tab and dragging it down (or up). Both tabs will temporarily blur but divide the screen evenly when released.
  • Disable multitasking: When you want to stop using these functions, you can return to the Settings and deactivate them.
Split screen



You can use the Slide Over function in the Split View to have even more applications open at the same time: the process is very similar. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the Dock, drag the application over the application divider and use the black bar at the bottom of each window to switch right or left between them. To close an application in Slide Over, swipe up and hold half of the screen to show all the applications you have open, then swipe up again to close the application.

Move content in split view applications

When you have two or more applications open, you can drag and drop content (text, photos and files) between them, such as text or images from an email or a web page to the Notes application, or from a web page to an email or text message.

Split view
  • Open two applications in Split View or Slide Over.
  • Touch and hold the item you want to move to separate it from your document, email, web page or note.
  • Drag and drop in the other application.
  • You can also select several items by lightly dragging the first as you select the second with a different finger, but some skill is needed for that operation.

Picture in Picture (PiP)

With Picture in Picture, you can watch videos in a separate window while completing other tasks such as reading email or checking your Facebook feed. Even with that second application running, your video continues to play and you can move the video to any part of the screen you want so it doesn't get in the way. Touch the arrow icon in the upper left corner to reduce the video window, and then use any application and keep watching the video. To put the video in full screen, press the arrow in the lower left corner. You can also hide and show the video by dragging it forward and backward from the side of the screen.

On the iPhone

To use the split screen on the iPhone, you must have the largest Pro, Max and Plus, and the function only works when your phone is in a horizontal position (horizontal mode). The split screen, available by default, appears automatically when you change your orientation from vertical (vertical) to horizontal (horizontal), allowing Mail, Clock, Calendar, Messages, Reminders, Contacts, Settings and other integrated Apple applications to display more information on screen within the same application. To enable and disable split screen display capabilities, go to Settings> Display and brightness> Screen zoom> Zoom> Set> Use zoom.

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