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Vine returns to compete with Instagram and TikTok

Everyone, or almost everyone, remembers Vine, both his climbing to Olympus, and his every. Now come back with another name, Byte, and willing to stand up to Instagram and TikTok.

The war of the 6-second videos returns and he does it in the strongest moment of TikTok and where Instagram is struggling to have a place among the fantastic youth of short videos.

Byte, is in itself, a social network especially suitable for short video, as I was in his day. The launch of Byte was scheduled for mid-2019, but we are about to close January 2020 and we already have it with us.

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Byte, the second season of Vine

Minimalism reigns in this new app which only shows the fair and necessary information. Maybe ahead of the steps of Instagram, or maybe because Byte wants to be a real app and not a factory of creation of "influencers".

As we can see in the screenshot below, in the profile we only see our photo, our name, and a brief description. By this we mean that only the owner of each profile will have access to the number of loops (visualizations) and the number of followers.

Image - Byte: Vine returns to compete with Instagram and TikTok

In general, Byte is not much different from what it was and what it was Vine. So much so, that Byte allows the upload of videos from the galley, that is, that we can record and edit it with the tools we want and then upload it to Byte.

Image - Byte: Vine returns to compete with Instagram and TikTok

Byte everything works by stars, and sometimes the profiles seem to be the punctuation of a hotel on Tripadvisor.

The more followers we have, the more we will have them, and the more loops we have, the more stars we will have … it is a perfectly connected circle.

As in Vine and in most social networks, here too you can do "rebyte", that is to say "retweeting" the content to make it known to all our followers.

Image - Byte: Vine returns to compete with Instagram and TikTok

In this new social network allows the search of other profiles through your "username", or also enter each of the different categories between which the audiovisual content is divided.

Image - Byte: Vine returns to compete with Instagram and TikTok

Continuing with the Byte scan, it remains to be commented that in the house-shaped icon you can access the "home" of the app, that is, where all the uploaded videos appear, that the magnifying glass is for searching, that the central circle is to record a byte or access the videos we have in the galley, which in the lightning icon we have app notifications, and that the grimace icon is to access our profile.

Byte supports the creators

It is true that a few paragraphs above we have said that Byte hides some information as the number of followers because its purpose is not to be a factory of influencers. In fact, Instagram has already started removing likes from posts to avoid comparisons.

Be that as it may, Byte supports the creators, and one way to do this is to create a partner platform. According to Byte itself: "Very soon, we will present a pilot version of our partner program that we will use to pay creators. Byte celebrates creativity and community, and compensating creators is an important way we can support both. Stay tuned for more information. ".

This means that you can make money with Byte, either through visualizations such as YouTube, or through collaborations with brands, but what is clear is that the number of followers will be taken into account, as well as the original content.

We know that in social networks you can earn money, the case of YouTube is an open secret, but it is also possible to live on Instagram, only that some things are needed apart from a good number of followers.

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