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TWS headphones with low latency and good autonomy »ERdC

Oppo Enco Free: TWS headphones with low latency and good autonomy

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Earlier this month, Oppo He had announced on social networks to launch his first truly wireless headphones (with design format TWS). Now, Oppo Enco Free headphones have finally been introduced. They arrived together with the Oppo Reno 3 phone series in China.

Oppo Enco Free


The design and form factor of the new Oppo TWS headphones are similar to Apple AirPods They also come with a carrying case. However, the strip on the front carved with radio distinguishes it by presenting the brand of the phone manufacturer. This strip also has an LED status indicator for the charging case. the case itself is charged through a USB Type-C cable.

The headphones arrive in a Identical cover to its case and have a matte finish. In addition, it can be found a microphone with noise reduction abroad that allow a better audio experience for users. Similar to the case, the headphones also feature the iconic gray stripe on the back of their body.

Specifications and features

The Oppo Enco Free they weigh approximately 4.6 grams each. They have the title of being the first TWS headphones that use ultra dynamic speakers. These speakers are equipped with a Dual Magnetic Circuit Design and an FPC Arm Balance System which allows superior sound quality output. Include 13.4 mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response range of 16Hz to 20KHz.

As for the autonomous, they have a 31mAh battery that offers up to 5 hours of music. For calls it offers up to 3 hours of autonomy. Can be used up to 25 hours in total if we have the autonomy of its charging case (410 mAh). They also offer IPX4 certification, so we can do exercises with them. They come with Bluetooth 5.0 And they had a 10 meter range

Also support touch gestures for music control. We can slide your finger on the left and right headphones to adjust the volume and change the tracks, respectively. We can also double tap any of the headphones to answer a call or play / pause the music.

OPPO wireless headphones are also equipped with “Dual-pass low-latency Bluetooth". In other words, both individual headphones connect to a smart phone via Bluetooth simultaneously. According to official notes, this allows for a better audiovisual synchronization effect. and reduce latency by 76% during games compared to traditional Bluetooth headphones. Oppo promises a minimum latency of 120 ms.

Price and availability

The Oppo Enco Free are available in three colors: white, black and pink. With the product they are added three silicone tips of different sizes for a better fit. The headphones are priced at 699 yuan in China (around 83 euros or 99 dollars). Variants black and white will be available for purchase from December 31, 2019. Meanwhile the pink version will launch in San Valentn next year (February 14, 2020).

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