Twitter combat disinformation about the coronavirus

Twitter combat disinformation about the coronavirus

Fake news about the coronavirus has spread perhaps faster than the disease itself. False recommendations on what to eat or not, suspicious cases that were not in the world, or danger of opening Aliexpress parcels, are just some of the things that have circulated in social networks.

To curb misinformation, Twitter has just launched a plan to redirect user searches on the platform, only to reliable sources such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Therefore, through a statement, the bird's social network commented that, “As the global conversation continues around the diffusion of the new #coronavirus, we want to share the work we are doing to show the right information, promote a constructive commitment and highlight credible information on this emerging issue.We have seen more than 15 million Tweets on this subject in the last four weeks and it seems that this trend continues. ”

In that line, Twitter admits that there is still no orchestration to generate fake news around the Wuhan virus, but that they want to prevent it before it is too late.

“We will remain vigilant and invest significantly in our proactive capabilities to ensure that trends, search and other common areas of the service are protected from malicious behavior. As always, those who participate in these practices will be eliminated from our service.We do not allow manipulation of the platform and encourage people to think before sharing or participating in deliberate attempts to undermine public conversation. ”

Twitter also added that in conjunction with NGOs and local governments, the intention is to promote the most truthful and timely information to combat this possible global pandemic.

“Given the nature of the rapidly evolving issue and the growing international response, we have launched a new dedicated search notice to ensure that when you arrive at the service to obtain information about the #coronavirus, you will first find credible and authorized information. In addition, we are stopping any result of automatic suggestion that can direct people to unbelievable content on Twitter. This is an expansion of our notice#KnowTheFacts, which we specifically implement so that the public finds clear and credible information about immunization and vaccine health. ”

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