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This curious launcher transforms your Android phone into a computer

Anda we have no luck on Android with the launchers, these applications allow us to completely change the appearance of our devices just by installing them. And there are of all possible styles and aspects, from the launchers that imitate other phones to those who dare to change the appearance of the mobile so that look like a computer. Yes, as you read it.

Computer Launcher 10 It is a personalized interface that, as the name implies, offers the appearance of a computer. But do not think that it is limited to the basics imitating the Windows style with the tiles, no: its characterization is so complete that it even simulates the environment of the folders and the file manager.

Computer Launcher 10 It offers an identical look to the desktop computer, it also adapts to such use by enabling different ways to interact with your Android mobile. You will have side menus, lower, the option to manage connections from a similar bar at the beginning, you can navigate through the file environment … And it does not stop there because it is highly customizable. Even with themes!

Computer Launcher 10, a customizable interface that turns your phone into a computer

This curious launcher transforms your Android phone into a computer

This application is highly curated and works very well: we have not encountered problems in its use beyond the advertising that appears on the screen. This is not too annoying, but, if you like the app, you may be compensated to remove the ads for the 1.29 euros that the micropayment costs.

Let's get into the subject: what does it look like and what can you do in Computer Launcher 10? The truth is that it looks so much like a computer that, as you have already handled more than one, you will find that the new look of your mobile is familiar to you. Start bar with all the options that Windows has, side menu with application launcher and highlighted tiles, integrated file manager, possibility of create folders with which to manage the files and apps of your Android mobile … The truth is that the application is frankly complete.

This curious launcher transforms your Android phone into a computer

Now, is it really useful to have an interface that simulates being a desktop? Here there will be tastes for everything, but our opinion is that it ends up ballasting the use as a smartphone since it does not have so much agility. However, the change in appearance makes you see your mobile style refreshed, something you might appreciate; without losing sight of personalization since in Computer Launcher 10 You can change from themes to combinations of colors, icons and their sizes.

A curious, different and free launcher; although with ads and in-app purchase

This curious launcher transforms your Android phone into a computer

It may not be too practical, but it cannot be denied that it brings a new style to the mobile. It is a careful and personality application that does not dispense with personalization, a value that is a great attraction. And you won't have to disburse a penny to try it: Computer Launcher 10 It costs nothing. It does offer ads at the bottom and suggested applications.