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The Huawei P40 may come at a "reduced" price

He who writes you does it while he has a Huawei Mate 30 Pro next to him, of which we are finalizing his review. This period of time that I have had in my hands, and at the risk of "self-expoilear", has made it clear to me that a high-end Android without Google services loses a lot. However, that did not discourage Huawei when launching the device at a "usual" price, which has resulted in very low sales compared to what it would have been in normal circumstances.

The Huawei P40 may reach more "reasonable" prices

It seems that the Mate 30 Pro precedent has made Huawei rethink its sales strategist, at least that makes us indicate a new rumor that comes to us from Twitter through @ RODENT950. This well-known filter points to that vWe will reach the Huawei P40 at reduced prices with respect to what they will have at other times.

Huawei will launch the P40 at reduced prices to stimulate its sale

If we listen to this rumor, which we take with caution, the new range of the Chinese brand may be presented with a base model that was around 500, which will have to add taxes, but that will be well below expected.

Of course, this decision will be based on the lack of Google services, which although in China it has barely had an impact, outside its country of origin it has proved to be a fundamental fault that has caused many to not even consider buying such a terminal.

The talks between China and the United States are moving forward and it is possible that soon a hope will open that will lead the whole issue towards the end of the conflict. Otherwise, this strategy could be more an obligation than anything else, to give out to the new terminals of Huawei.

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