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The first test flight of the Boeing Starliner fails

This morning Boeing launched its Starliner capsule for a first unmanned test flight and with the mission of arriving at the International Space Station, however things did not go according to plan. While the Starliner came to orbit, I didn't get the right rite.

It seems that everything went wrong for the automation system, which incorrectly evaluates the time of the flight. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstien said that if the capsule had been manned, this problem could probably have been corrected. Nevertheless, NASA officials remain optimistic about it.

On the other hand, Boeing published a message on Twitter that says: The spaceship looks healthy, we are in a rite that we like and we are looking towards the landing.

Bridenstine said:

Today, many things went well, and this is the reason we performed the tests.

NASA continue to collect data while Starliner is in orbit. The agency plans to land the capsule at White Sands Space Harbor in New Mexico on Sunday, and NASA and Boeing they will use the landing to test the orbit system and return to Earth.

This flight test is planned as one of the final steps before Starliner is approved with a manned flight. Boeing said for the first time that it would launch the unmanned capsule in August 2018, although critics were always skeptical about that timeline. Today's failed test will undoubtedly further delay the Starliner, but NASA says it is too early to predict when the next flight test could occur.