Pantalla Galaxy S10

The fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S11 will be larger than the previous generation

Galaxy S10 screen

As the presentation date of the new generation of the Galaxy S range approaches, the rumors related to this device are increasing. The last rumor is related to the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen of this terminal, a fingerprint sensor that It will help make fingerprint detection faster.

Qualcomm, is the manufacturer behind the manufacture of the current ultrasonic sensor located below the screen of the S10, S10 + and Note 10. This American company has announced a second version called 3D Sonic Max (The one we found in the current S10 generation is called 3D Sonic Sensor).

This new scanner will allow users to scan two footprints together to increase security. The recognition area of ​​the new sensor is 17 times larger than the first generation, which will allow a wider area to be used to position the fingerprint and unlock the terminal.

In addition to having increased the size of the sensor accuracy has also increased going on to offer an accuracy rate of 1 in a million compared to the accuracy of the first generation that is 1 in 50,000.

Samsung is currently the only smartphone manufacturer that uses Qualcomm's ultrasonic sensor, so it is quite likely that it also makes use of this second generation, a second generation much more complete and secure than the first (something quite common in any electronic device).

This type of sensor, ultrasonic, It is much faster than optical readers that we can find in the terminals that also offer a fingerprint sensor under the screen. According to various analysts, Apple could also implement this new sensor in the next generation of iPhone that will launch next year, within its range of entry to Apple's iPhone.