The best smart speakers you can buy

The best smart speakers you can buy

From Sonos, to Apple, the best smart speakers are one of the hottest trends you can find in the market today, but how to separate the good from the bad? We have done it for you. No matter what your tastes or needs, these are the best smart speakers that exist.

General picture

Brand / Product Category
Sonos one Our favorite
Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) The best economic horn
Google Home Mini The best speaker with Google Assistant
Apple HomePod The best for Apple fans
Sonos Beam The best speaker for TV
JBL Link 20 The best speaker for the bathroom

Sonos one

Our favorite

best sonos one smart speakers

Why should you buy it? Sounds great, offers you a voice assistant option, works with all Sonos devices and offers more streaming services than any other smart speaker.

Who is it for? For all.

Why do we choose the Sonos One?

You can buy many smart speakers with Amazon Alexa. There is also a very good selection of those who have Google Assistant. But if you want a horn that allows you to choose between these two options, it is much harder to find. Fortunately, Sonos One does exactly that, which makes it not only one of the smart speakers with the best sound you can buy, but also one of the most flexible. You cannot run Alexa and Google Assistant simultaneously, but switching between them is very easy.

The speaker's far-field microphone set listens effortlessly to voice commands from the other side of the room, even when playing music. If you have doubts about privacy, Sonos states that the silencing of the microphones is done through the hardware, which guarantees that when the microphone indicator light is off, the speaker is definitely not listening.

With AirPlay 2, you can stream any audio from an Apple device directly to the speaker or to any other Sonos speaker in your home.

There are some minor inconveniences: without Bluetooth it means that Android devices must use the Sonos application, and you cannot remove the Sonos One from your home Wi-Fi network and continue using it as a wireless speaker. Unlike the previous Sonos Play: 1, on which the Sonos One is based, there is no mounting hole for the speaker.

But our favorite aspect of the Sonos One is simply the fact that it is a Sonos speaker. Sonos' wireless music system for the entire home remains the one we have tried. It has support for almost all major music transmission services, and everything is controlled from an application on your phone, tablet or PC. The application is not only full of excellent features, such as the compatibility of the Apple Music playlist and the ability to group several speakers, but these features are also remarkably easy to use.

Thanks to Sonos' association with Ikea, there is also a growing ecosystem of great third-party devices that can be used to control the Sonos One and any other Sonos speakers in your home.

Amazon Echo Dot

The best economic horn

Why should you buy it?It's affordable, control your smart home, and can route the sound so you can hear it through other larger or more powerful speakers.

Who is it for? For those who always need Alexa

Why do we choose the Amazon Echo Dot? With the exception of Google Assistant, for a large number of people Alexa is the first intelligent assistant that comes to mind, and Amazon's Echo has followed suit, becoming the company's line of intelligent speakers. In general, the Echo series, which includes Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus and Echo Show (not to mention the auxiliary elements such as the Echo Buttons and Echo Connect), prioritizes intelligent control over audio quality, but the Dot has a unique design that has proven to be a solution to that problem.