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Scale the most out of the Huawei Watch GT 2 with these tricks

Huawei's latest generation smartwatch is one of the best exponents of its kind, mainly for its autonomy of up to two weeks, the possibility of answering calls and multiple customization options. Once we had it in our hands, we want to share with you some of the best tricks to get the most out of the Watch GT 2.

Change sphere

Depending on the occasion, change the dial of your Huawei Watch GT 2. You just have to turn on your watch, press for a few seconds the current dial so that the others are displayed and select the one that best suits the situation that comes your way, such as going to run or enter a work meeting.

Answer a call

If you have linked your cell phone and smart watch, it is easy to answer calls from the latter, for those times when you are running or have the smartphone In another room. When a call comes in, click on the green phone's cone to answer it.

Locate your phone

If you are one of those who lose the cell phone even at home, there is no problem, with the Watch GT 2 it is possible to locate it. Go to the menu that is displayed when you press the power button on the smartwatch (the superior), locate the option Search my phone and click on it; the smartphone linked to the clock start ringing.

Customize the function button

The watch also integrates another button, called function, which can be customized. In the menu that is displayed when you press the power button, find and click on Settings; select option Bottom button and choose the tool you want to be executed by pressing this, from the training log to the stopwatch.

Breathing exercise

There are decisions that are taken in the heat of a moment, but no more. The Watch GT 2 allows you to access its tool Breathing exercises, located in the menu that is displayed with the power button. You can set the duration of the practice and the rhythm of the breath.

Custom alarm

Especially if you live with someone, it can be annoying your cell phone alarm that tells you that you should get up every day. Therefore, it is best to set it on your Huawei smartwatch. Locate the option Alarm in the menu that is displayed when you press the power button and set the parameters that best suit you; A soft vibration in your face will wake you up in the morning, without interrupting your partner's dream.

Activity Reminders

From the Health app, in addition to other interesting parameters, it is possible to set activity reminders on the smart watch, so that you get up from your chair if you have spent more than an hour sitting. From the smartwatch, a series of physical movements is proposed. To activate this function, open the app mentioned in the cell phone; in the lower menu, select Devices, click on Huawei Watch GT 2 and locate and check the box Activity Reminder.

Control your Spotify

Although the Huawei smartwatch lets you store up to 500 songs in its internal memory, it is also possible to control Spotify's music playback from it (previously, you must give the corresponding permissions in the Health app). Go to the clock player, turning the screens to the right; here, in the three points in the lower right, click on the phone box. Once you run Spotify on your cell phone, it is possible to switch from one song to another or increase and decrease the volume from the smartwatch.

Select the notifications you want

Surely, there are already many notifications that reach your cell phone. That is why it is important to choose what you want to receive on your smart watch. Open the Health app on the phone, go to Devices, Choose Huawei Watch GT 2 and, in the menu that is displayed, choose Notifications; in the list, choose those apps that you want to receive notifications on your smartwatch.

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