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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge sweeps AnTuTu with 61,000 points

Note edge

The next Samsung Galaxy S6 will have serious competition, and it will be its own brother, the Galaxy S6 Edge. From PhoneArena, They echoed the results that this device has poured on AnTuTu, and it seems that we have a clear winner at least for now.

With this data, the new specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are already confirmed, and possibly share the vast majority with his little brother. The older brother have a 5.1 inch screen, with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels QHD resolution and a density of 576 pixels per inch. Next to it, a 20 megapixel camera high above, on paper, to that of Note 4, 3 GB of RAM, a Mali-T760 GPU and we will have an Exynos processor of the house at 2.1GHz, specifically, the model Exynos 7420 manufactured in 14nm.

S6 Edge Bench

The data regarding this AnTuTu benchmark position it at almost 61,000 points, the highest figure we have seen in a terminal to date. Obviously, with this data, We are facing one of the most powerful terminals in the Android world, at least on paper. It is clear that the prominence that both Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will acquire in the Mobile World Congress will be more than notorious.

S6 Edge Antutu

With this commitment to the gross power by Samsung, it is clear that it wants to mark a differentiating terrain with respect to the competition. With these data, and with the subsequent analysis of the S6 by critics, Samsung has all the ballots to leave well stopped: not only for the new terminal, but also for the commitment they have made using their own processors to the detriment of Qualcomm, which could become the new hen of the golden eggs of the Korean company, and position itself as a benchmark against Qualcomm in the field of processors. Only time to witness.

What do you think of this data from the Galaxy S6?

Source| PhoneArena