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Recover your data and also repair corrupt photos and videos with this program

One of the most unpleasant situations that can happen to you in the computer field is to find that you have lost everything. Surely it has happened to you too: suddenly in that pen drive are not the files you stored, or the memory card of your camera has suffered some problem and has run out of formatting, eliminating all the photos along the way . If you still have those supports waiting to be able to recover the files you once lost, or if you prefer to be prepared for a similar future situation, this program may interest you.

It is a software for data recovery that, with its latest update, is not only able to dive into the digital dump, but now it can also reach repair those files that have been corrupted and that your computer, PC, camera, Go Pro, drone or device in general cannot open.

You can recover the files you create deleted from your computer, flash drive, camera and other

The dark world of recovering files is a little brighter with the program EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, currently in version 13.

This software is available for both Windows as for Mac and presents a fairly simple interface, perfect for everyone to use. Upon opening the program we will find a shortcut to the computer hard drives and to the storage units connected (pen drive, external hard drives, cameras, etc.) which we can examine. They also give us the possibility of check specific folders (with the recycle bin and desktop as default routes).

After selecting the location we want, Easeus start examine the unit and as I find files, I will show them to you. First make a fast analysis and then return with a more intense one; which may vary depending on the capacity of the device (in our tests, with a 16GB pen drive it has been taken approximately 3 minutes, not bad).

It supports the vast majority of file types and is compatible with many devices

recover easeus files

When it finishes, you have the folders and files that you have been able to rescue available. You only have left select the ones that interest you and click on Recover To bring them back to life.

What's more, if for anything you can not waste more time and next time you want to save the scan, the program can save said job to load it later.

Moreover, it is compatible with multitude of formats: from typical image files such as JPG, PNG and RAW to office files (docx, pdf), video (mp4, mov …), storage (rar, zip) and many others. The file type is not a problem.

Finally, keep in mind that the software is paid, but it allows you to try it for free so you can know if it is able to recover your files or not.