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President of LG Iberia tells us if the roll-up TV arrive in Spain

The president of LG Electronics Iberia, Jaime de Jaraiz, announced for the second half of 2020 the arrival in Spain of the roller television that the company showed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

In addition, he informed that the largest version of the 8K television present in the Spanish market since the end of 2019 is around 33,000 euros (almost $ 37,000 dollars).

Regarding other smart white-line devices, I comment that this season the South Korean firm premiered in its catalog on both sides of the Atlantic a refrigerator capable of producing round ice, in a piece that emulates the shape of two glued golf balls. "That ice uses less water, which helps save the vital liquid and avoid ruining your drinks," he said.

Air conditioning equipment also arrives on the market that, in addition to cooling rooms, can remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment.

In this regard, De Jaraiz said that the device is in line with an environmental care project that the firm has been running in Spain for two years.

As our slogan, "Life is Good" says, as a company we love that our users live in a comfortable and healthy home, and that is why we believe it is so important that we contribute to take care of our environment, which in the end is our home. Therefore, we take the initiative and have planted thousands of trees in the region. We hope that this year we will reach the goal of 20 million trees in Spain, he said.

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