PowerEgg X: the irresistible 3-in-1 drone is presented at CES 2020

PowerEgg X: the irresistible 3-in-1 drone is presented at CES 2020

PowerVision Robot Corporation, a world leader in smart drones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, has launched its newest and most special product at CES 2020: the PowerEgg X. The multi-function device can be used as an autonomous personal AI camera , 3-axis handheld camera, or also a high performance drone. By launching the PowerEgg X, PowerVision has created a completely new product classification: the personal and autonomous AI camera category, or in other words a three in one.



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The PowerEgg X arrives to meet the demand of consumers to have an all-in-one camera, smart, easy to use, versatile, portable and profitable that, by the way, can also fly. It is equipped with a 4k / 60fps HD camcorder with a three-axis cardn. It produces professional quality images, whether used as an AI camera, a handheld card camera or a drone. All this, in addition, in a waterproof case with IPX6 classification.

“‘ Innovating the future is our mission and innovation is in our DNA, ”said Wally Zheng, founder and CEO of PowerVision. “Three years in development, PowerEgg X renews the technology that consumers are looking for, and puts it in a small and elegant egg shape. With intelligent image recognition tracking, mechanical image stabilization and simple video editing tools, it is easy for anyone to film material as if it were a professional cameraman. By creating a multi-purpose device, PowerVision has reduced the total purchase cost of the user, the storage requirement, greater ease of use, providing the user with unprecedented comfort. ”

With the help of its powerful artificial intelligence algorithm (patented) and its robotic technology, the PowerEgg X allows facial recognition, deep learning and a tracking field of up to 170. The subjects will always be in the middle of the frame. video, even if the subject plays sports, dances, runs or swings.

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A unique focus function automatically reminds the subject, which allows the PowerEgg X to track it, even if it enters and leaves the field of view. It also allows users to take a photo, record video, track movements and capture a group photo simply by making gestures based on a gesture database.

Handheld camera mode

When switched to portable mode, the PowerEgg X captures every moment of life, anytime, anywhere, using its three-axis mechanical stability increase card and its autonomous personal AI camera. It has a battery life of 3.5 hours and produces 4K / 60fps UHD images, while its three-axis card helps resist vibration caused by external factors. Function

Drone mode

The PowerEgg X is a high performance drone equipped with a 4K / 60fps camera and technologies for increasing triaxial mechanical stability, and can be used for highly dynamic area photography. It is capable of flying with winds of up to 29-38 knots. It comes with waterproof accessories (case and landing float) that allow you to take off and land in the water. It also works well in heavy rains and other scenarios, such as water events and rescue operations at sea.