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Perfect Ironing is a casual for a few minutes and that's called ironing

Perfect ironing

Ironing is one of the most tedious jobs and more hated in housework. But it will be in Perfect Ironing where we will have a pipe ironing all kinds of clothes and that we will learn to fold to have it perfectly placed in our closet.

A casual quite curious and in which we should not leave no wrinkle on shirts, dresses, pants, underwear and other series of clothes that we will have to iron. A freemium with many advertisements, but that does not prevent us from having an acceptable experience. Let's see what this game is about, which is based on one of the most hated housework of all.

The most hated housework

Perfect ironing

Perfect Ironing states that this domestic task and much hated by many, be the most fun and enjoyable thing on the planet. And the truth is that if we were to have to make a game of a very fun task, surely no one would think of taking an iron, that board and hundreds of shirts.

But it is Playlegendary Limited the that neither short nor lazy got with the project To bring us days ago this casual with a lot of color and in which we will have to use our finger as if it were the same iron. That is, they will put you before dozens of shirts, pants, ties, dresses and all that variety of clothes that can be found in any closet, so that you leave them ready for use.

And what seems like a very crazy idea, has been transformed into this game called Perfect Ironing and that pulls the freemium so that we have those advertisements and we are curious to continue ironing as if there was no end or end in this world.

You know who to tell you to try this casual called Perfect Ironing

Perfect ironing

The truth that We have not done this review because of the spectacular game itself. Not at all, because it is not a big deal, but the fact of touching one of the most hated tasks made us curious. Who knows if thanks to this game anyone can find the pleasure to iron; although this should be seen, because it is not only to put the finger and ale, you have to bend, look at the necks and sweat a little; because spending half an hour ironing shirts and as the place is not well ventilated.

Be that as it may, a curious idea as casual and in which little more we will find than clothing sets. Another point, though It's nothing from the other world, is that we are allowed to fold the clothes after ironing, although there is nothing complex, but perhaps that the developer wanted to put something else in the simple mechanics on which this title called Perfect Ironing is based.

For quick games with nothing else

Perfect ironing

Although some criticism has been taken for the lack of variety in the shirts and that it becomes little complicated when you have done to use your finger as if it were an iron. Yes we can emphasize that at least the shirts are not bad and the textures are well worked.

So we are left with a Perfect Ironing that adds to that long list of casual games that we have on Android and that many of them do not spend even hours playing to uninstall them. At least, here, you are not flooded with advertising as if it happens with others. You have it below for you to try and decide for yourself. We leave you with Tappy Bear and that goes in the same direction.

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Perfect ironing

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Perfect ironing

Perfect ironing