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OneNote be faster by synchronizing our notebooks

Microsoft continues to work with the future of its application to take notes par excellence,OneNoteWell, now move on tosynchronize everything that is written and changes in real time, something that can be seen in the following GIF by Mike Tholfsen.

In this way the applications of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the web will be much faster showing the changes, while on the other hand not only a faster synchronization will arrive but also more changes will arrive, which are the following:

Insert and search tags:

  • Office 2016 tags make the leap to OneNote for Windows 10.
  • You can create, insert and customize tags.
  • They will sync between devices.
  • Labels created by the rest of the team will be displayed in shared notebooks.
  • Be available in summer.

View and edit files:

  • You can see previews of the Office files directly in OneNote.
  • Work several people with them at once.
  • You can save space in notebooks by doinguse of files in the cloud, through OneDrive.
  • More functionalities in class notebooks: All the functions contained so far in the classic Office 2016 application will be migrated to the Windows 10 App.

In this way these functions will be progressively arriving at Windows 10 as part of the transition to arrive in Office 2019.

What do you think about these OneNote changes? Leave us your comments