Live Digital Trends: the coronavirus map, Apple at the wheel and ms

Live Digital Trends: the coronavirus map, Apple at the wheel and ms

If you want to be aware of the most important news in the world of technology, you can not miss our news every week Live Digital Trends. In today's episode, we learned about Apple's foray into autonomous driving technology. With the proposal in which the company is working, you will only have to express your instructions out loud so that the vehicle goes to its destination; Saying something like I want a coffee, for example, will make the car transport you to the nearest coffee maker.

Google, in its search to put technology at the service of the community, has created a map of the coronavirus through Google Maps, so that those who are uneasy can consult confirmed cases, deaths, suspicious cases and those that have already been discarded

Another concern, although more related to privacy than health, is the one currently besieging the streets of London, as the Metropolitan Police Service of this city informed that to apply a monitoring system through live facial recognition in the English capital .

Our guest in today's broadcast was Katherine Johnson, co-founder of Influenser; Johnson talked with us about this important digital commerce news platform, online community and emerging events that covers and highlights the founders, creators, innovators and influential Hispanic, Latino and multicultural in the United States.

This week, Google revealed the date of its I / O 2020 event, where to announce the news for its technology system. In addition to learning about the latest software and services created by the company, we may also see the Pixel 4a family of phones. Enter here when and where it will take place, so you don't miss it.

From classics like The notebook, until the final season of Cable Girls, with us you can find out what will come to Netflix in February.

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