LG advances its range of televisions and futuristic appliances

LG advances its range of televisions and futuristic appliances

Punctual as a clock, LG has attended its appointment in the framework of CES 2020, a stellar occasion for the company to publicize its novelties in the face of this year and the coming ones. The keynote has begun from the hand of its president, I.P. Park, although there have been several protagonists of it, with a public that has gone like the presentation itself: from more to less. The Korean manufacturer has begun the journey along a path that has become more and more uphill to the spectators and when he looks once, twice and up to three times the clock, asking for the final beep or some goal. Bad business

This does not mean that LG has arrived with the cow basket at the event, but that the keynote lacked specificity and had plenty of time. What has the giant dedicated almost 50 minutes of presentation? LG has arrived at CES with three major arguments: ThinQ artificial intelligence (AI), customer service and new models of televisions and appliances. Although the former occupied an entire section in itself, it has not ceased to star in one way or another the keynote.

Reimagining the AI

LG Artificial Intelligence

Jean-Francois Gagn, head of the ThinQ division, enters the stage to present the four levels of evolution in which AI is found in the company. A first step has been baptized as Efficiency and if we use an Alexa virtual assistant as an example, it will be the one that receives our orders and processes them, but in an isolated way; It is the second level (in which we are) that under the name of Personalization, the AI-based system is able to recognize situations and interact with the user, so that he knows that we have an appointment and we will need an Uber to go to the same.

The fourth level of AI has been baptized as Reasoning, and in it the system analyzes the big data to know that usually at a certain time we drink a juice and he suggests it to us taking into account the first meeting, and getting to ask for an Uber for us without needing to indicate it. If this level generates a bit of concern, the room may already terrify you, since under Exploration, the AI ​​system makes the best decisions for us and even knows if we are nervous or not (it is assumed that with information obtained from wearables) and gives us advice based on it.

Proactive customer service

G-Sync LG range

LG has boasted of having customer satisfaction at the highest level in the market, and much of it attributes it to its customer service. The manufacturer will apply Artificial Intelligence from this year to improve, even more, the results in relation to customer service. How? Anticipating the client and alerting him of possible problems in the connected equipment.

The example offered by LG is that of a washing machine, which, when connected, indicates to the system that an excessive amount of detergent is being used (for example) and the customer is anticipated indicating it before problems arise. It is a proactive relationship as LG has baptized it.

Televisions and appliances

But what will become of a keynote if it does not have products to present and LG has not disappointed this section when announcing its novelties around the house's televisions, with a new Gallery Series range in which the design and fineness of its products prevail screens This new range allows to hang them as pictures thanks to a new mounting system, and we suspect that the name comes from here, when trying to emulate or be inspired by works of art. This range arrives in 55, 65 and 77 inch panels. Additionally, LG has announced a new 48-inch 4K OLED TV that offers a pixel density close to what you can perceive in an 8K.

LG has also shown its new range of appliances and the lovers of anecdotes will have enjoyed the Crafted Ice, a new ice cube (s, no kidding) created by the new InstaView refrigerator. This new ice, as LG explains with the cube in hand, melts much slower and cools the drink. For these silly details we love CES and the world of technology. The InstaView range also reaches the ovens, with a new model that features Air Fry technology (which reduces the use of oil) and eliminates preheating times.

Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on January 6, 2020.

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