Huawei watch GT offers more than it promises

Huawei watch GT offers more than it promises

Huawei is the Asian manufacturer that is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide, becoming one of the most renowned brands and recognition for the entire ecosystem of devices it has. With the arrival of Huawei Mate 20 series in 2018, Huawei is positioned as the manufacturer with the greatest innovation that also renews its smartwatch line.

Huawei presented its global launch on Huawei Watch GT, an all-terrain smart watch with a classic design that opts for great functions for the day, regardless of the type of user. We will tell you our opinion about this Huawei Watch GT.


The watch shows a classic and conservative design showing a solid and refined body in which it incorporates high-strength building materials that at first glance you will notice that it is more than premium.

Composed of aluminum in the chassis with very careful finishes, just like its leather strap gives it a conservative style, but we will see ceramics in the area where the sensors are positioned. That's right, Watch GT has three materials: metal, leather and ceramic. When you look at the terminal, you imagine that it is a conservative and single-use smartwatch, but Huawei has managed to integrate an all-terrain system with a classic and attractive design.

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As it has two pronounced buttons, the upper button has the on and off function plus the menu that incorporates the system with the functions of exercise routines, registration, exercise status, heart rate, rest (sleep), barometer, compass , weather, messages, stopwatch, timer, alarm, flashlight, mobile search and settings.

While the lower button carries the program of sports activities how to run with a guide, run outdoors, run indoors, walk, walk indoors and outdoors, bike among others that we can customize so we can monitor our activities.


One of the first components in which users notice when they are told about a smartwatch is the section of the screen, whether circular or square. Huawei Watch GT has a 1.39-inch AMOLED Circular panel with a 454 x 454 resolution much larger than its competitors.

The panel shows bright colors and very solid contrast allowing blacks to deepen perfectly. The screen is very sharp and can be looked perfectly in backlit places without affecting vision. A very important point is the brightness or luminosity emitted by the amoled screen, since regardless of the level at which we set the screen is noticeable. Being a touch screen responds very quickly to the touches made and even the interface is very fast, which gives practical use to move between the mens and functions.

On the other hand we can choose different covers in which we can customize the Watch GT with 11 types that include classic, minimalist, sports, explorer, time, etc., adapting perfectly to the needs that we require. Huawei Watch GT fulfills the daily functions of a smart watch, as well as sports options in which it highlights its competitors quite a lot, due to its own Huawei system.