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Huawei super Apple in mobile sales worldwide

The United States veto to Huawei it does not seem to affect the Chinese manufacturer so much, since has surpassed Apple in the sale of smartphones and now it is in the second position, still far from Samsung.

The above has arisen from reports of Strategy Analytics Y Counterpoint Research, who place Huawei as the second brand with more shipments in 2019. The data has minimal variation and leaves the Chinese manufacturer with a advantage of more than 40 million phones sold during the last year.

The growth of Huawei with respect to 2018 is surprising: 17 percent that earned it the second position. Despite that, the Chinese company could not cope with the iPhone 11 as Apple got a sales record during the last quarter with more than 70 million phones sold.

Huawei had amazing growth, although things start to get complicated

The Huawei power resides in China, which represents 60 percent of its sales, although things start to get complicated for the company. The fierce competition in the Asian country and Europe have begun to pass the bill to Huawei, who had a 7% decline during the last quarter of the year.

The launch of the Mate 30 was eclipsed by the lack of Google services, product of the United States veto. While in China this does not weigh, Sales in Europe and Latin America were affected since few will risk buying a terminal that does not allow running the most popular Android applications, at least not in a conventional way.

The list also appears Xiaomi, who despite a slight decline during the last quarter, it remains the fourth most important brand, gaining a 9 percent market share during 2019. According to Strategy Analytics, sales in Europe have been key to the positioning of Xiaomi, who is closely followed by OPPO.

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