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Huawei launches Red FreeBuds 3 headphones and MateBook D laptops

huawei freebuds 3 headphones in red

Red is a very significant color in China, as it symbolizes luck, and perhaps because of that, but especially for Valentine's Day, the company has launched its FreeBuds 3 wireless headphones in a striking red. This tone is added to the other models sold in black and white classics.

For the rest, these new headphones are exactly the same as their predecessors. They are of the type true wireless or truly wireless and are endowed with noise cancellation, the latest trend in headphones, as well as fast charging. This model allows you to customize some functions according to the user's preferences through touches, and when you use them for games and watching videos you will not notice a delay, as explained by Fabio Arenas, responsible for the Product Marketing division of Huawei Consumo Espaa, during the presentation of these new hearables in Madrid. FreeBuds 3 are already sold on Amazon for 179 euros, and soon they can be bought in other stores.

14 and 15 inch matebook D laptops

The Chinese company starts the year with the strength and energy of the color red, since, according to Pablo Wang, director of the Huawei consumer unit in Spain, many new features will arrive, one every month. Among those products, the new MateBook D laptops, which will be sold in two sizes, one of 14 and another of 15.6 inches.

In design, both laptops They are distinguished by being completely made of metal. The smallest offers a screen ratio of 87 percent and the other 85 percent. The two bring a feature that interests any user: superfast and secure boot through the fingerprint. From the moment you turn them on, you only access 9 seconds. Also for security, the MateBook D incorporates a pop-up camera that is located on the keyboard, as if it were a key that, when pressed, opens the camera. It is a risky place that has not gone well to other manufacturers, such as Dell, but it is clear that it fulfills its function of preserving privacy.

pop-up camera on the keyboard of the Huawei Matebook 10 notebook

These devices incorporate a feature that is increasingly imposed, for the benefit of the user: the fast load (65 W). In this case, by plugging it in for half an hour, you get 40 percent of the battery, according to Arenas. And the best: they are loaded with a pocket charger that connects via USB-C. This accessory is compatible with the fast charging of smartphones.

The MateBook D14 is equipped with 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and costs 749 euros. His older brother, MateBook D15, brings 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal memory and a price of 699 euros. Both can be purchased in Spain from February 11, although it is already possible to book them.

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