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How to follow the Goya 2020: Nominees, date, time and channels

The awards season has already begun and that means that there is less time left for the ceremony of the Goya Awards, the date most marked in the Spanish cinema calendar.

The nominees were announced last December in an act presented by Miguel Herrn and Elena Anaya, winners of the Goya for Best Actor Revelation 2016 and the Best Female Performance starring 2011 respectively.

In the edition of last year, the big winner was the film The kingdom by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, although the Goya for Best Film went to Champions. Rome Alfonso Cuarn won the prize for the best Spanish-speaking foreign film.

Who win this year? Discover it very soon with one of the methods that we explain in this article to be able to follow the awards ceremony live. You can do it on TV or on streaming from your laptop or smartphone.

Quines are the nominees for the Goya 2020 Awards

Below we list the main nominees for the 34th edition of the Goya Awards:

Best movie Better address Best new address
Pain and glory Weathering The infinite trench What burns While the war lasts Pedro Almodvar (Pain and glory) Aitor Arregi, Jon Garao and Jose Mari Goenaga (The infinite trench) liver Laxe (What burns) Alejandro Amenbar (While the war lasts) Salvador Sim (Buuel in the turtle labyrinth) Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia (The hole) Beln Funes (The daughter of a thief) Aritz Moreno (Advantages of traveling by train)
Best Leading Actor Best Supporting Actor Best Actor Revelation
Antonio Banderas (Pain and glory) Antonio de la Torre (The infinite trench) Karra Elejalde (While the war lasts) Luis Tosar (Who kills iron) Asier Etxeandia (Pain and glory) Leonardo Sbaraglia (Pain and glory) Luis Callejo (Outdoor) Eduard Fernndez (While the war lasts) Nacho Snchez (Seventeen) Vicente Vergara (Trench) Santi Prego (While the war lasts) Enric Auquer (Who kills iron)
Best Leading Actress Best Supporting Actress Best Actress Revelation
Penlope Cruz (Pain and glory) Greta Fernndez (The daughter of a thief) Beln Cuesta (The infinite trench) Marta Nieto (Mother) Mona Martnez (Addis) Natalia de Molina (Addis) Julieta Serrano (Pain and glory) Nathalie Poza (While the war lasts) Pilar Gmez (Addis) Carmen Arrufat (Innocence) Benedicta Snchez (What burns) Ainoha Santamara (While the war lasts)
Better production address Best picture Best artistic direction
Toni Novella (Pain and glory) Manolo Limn (Outdoor) Ander Sistiaga (The infinite trench) Carla Prez de Albniz (While the war lasts) Jos Luis Alcaine (Pain and glory) Javier Agirre Erauso (The infinite trench) Mauro Herce (What burns) lex Cataln (While the war lasts) Antxn Gmez (Pain and glory) Pepe Domnguez (The infinite trench) Juan Pedro de Gaspar (While the war lasts) Mikel Serrano (Advantages of traveling by train)
Best animation movie Best documentary film Best European movie
Buuel in the turtle labyrinthElcano and Magellan the first round the worldKlaus Ara Malikian: a life between the ropes(Aute) portraitPictureStories of our cinema BorderMiserablePortrait of a woman on fireYesterday
Best Animated Short Best documentary short film Best fiction short film
The Tree of Lost SoulsHomomaquiaMadrid 2120Muedra 2001 Flashes of Darkness HellEuropean Dream: SerbiaOur life as refugee children in Europe The swimmerForeignerMarasSuc of SndriaXiao Xian

Quin presents the Goya 2020 Awards gala

For the 34th edition of the Goya Awards, the chosen ones have returned to be the humorists Slvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente. In the presentation video, the couple recreates one of the most remembered scenes of When Harry found Sally.

When and where the Goya 2020 Awards gala is celebrated

The 34th edition of the 2020 Goya Awards takes place this Saturday, January 25 at the Jos Mara Martn Carpena Sports Palace in Mlaga. Being the second time in history that the ceremony has no place in Madrid.

As in past editions, the gala will start at 10pm (Spanish peninsular time) and is expected to last for almost four hours. Something before starting the expected red carpet in which we can follow the arrival of all nominees and nominees.

How to see the red carpet before the 2020 Goya Awards ceremony

Although the highlight of the night is the awards ceremony, there are many who like to warm up engines by following the red carpet live. You can do it through the page from around 7:00 p.m.

Remember that if you are outside of Spain, it is recommended that you have a VPN connection on your laptop or mobile device. This will allow you to change the location of your IP address and transfer any geographic limitations that may exist.

How to watch the Goya 2020 Awards on TV

The Goya Awards will once again be offered open. Just put the TVE channel on your TV and enjoy its special programming on January 25. The gala start at 10 pm, one hour less in the Canary Islands.

How to watch the 2020 Goya Awards in streaming

The easiest way to follow the Goya Awards ceremony from a mobile device or computer is through the official website of RTVE, but remember that if you do it outside Spanish territory it is advisable to use a VPN network such as NordVPN or TunnelBear.

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