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Google Pay already supports ING Direct cards in Spain

Google Pay

Google Pay is the mobile payment service of the great G, which has been advancing in the Spanish market for months. The application has been improving, as with the inclusion of the dark mode in it for months. These months we have seen how various banks have been added, thus expanding the number of banks available in the application.

A new bank already joins Google Pay, which in this case is ING Direct. Users who have an account and card with this bank will already be able to make payments using the company's service on their phone, as long as their smartphone has NFC.

It was ING Direct who announced on their social networks lto compatibility of your cards with Google Pay. Users will be able to add their card in the payment application and thus pay in stores or restaurants with their Android phone. A news that surely makes many users happy.

Thanks to the inclusion of ING Direct, 26 banks are already compatible with the application of payments in Spain. This 2019 has grown at a good pace and some important banks have joined this service, which contributes to its use becoming more common in general.

Although there are still some notable absences in Google Pay, Santander being the most important bank That still doesn't add up. Many expect this to happen, and the company is constantly negotiating with banks, but so far it does not seem to be compatible.

An early Christmas gift, as announced by ING Direct on Twitter. If you use this bank, you can now use your card in Google Pay so you can make mobile payments with your smartphone in stores in Spain in a simple way. What do you think about the compatibility with the company's payment service?