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Google launches Toonstastic to create shorts

Google has launched Toonstastic 3D, a new application focused on the little ones with which you can create animated shorts of several scenes.

Mobile phones and tablets equipped with Android are normally used for fun or for work. However, one of the most promising facets of Android is education.

In this area, Google occasionally creates applications with a specific function. The last one is Toonstastic 3D, a proposal focused on the little ones that will allow them create animation shorts in a very simple way.

The new Google application turns your children into Spielberg

Lights Camera action!

The first thing we have to say is that although it is designed for the little ones this application is fun and even the older ones can have a good time and create short videos more or less serious.

For this we will have several scenes, being able to take several of the predefined ones and order them to create sequences.

There are three options according to the number of scenes: Short History, Classical and Science Exercise, with 3, 5 and 7 scenes. However we can put more at our will, choosing a scenario for each.

The new Google application turns your children into Spielberg

Very curious protagonists

In each scene we will put our protagonists. For this you have three options:

  • Animal character: here we can choose from snakes to tigers.
  • Human character: similar to the previous one but with the option of putting our face using the mobile's front camera.
  • Character designed by hand: this option gives us a blank canvas to draw and then the system will apply a slight depth. Pretty nice

The new Google application turns your children into Spielberg

Audio recording

The sound of the short is divided into two parts. On the one hand we will have music tracks to choose from and on the other the voice recordings of each of the characters.

If we want we can export our creations in a video that will go to our gallery, from where we can share it through any service of our device that supports videos.