FutStats HD for iPad, Get the Soccer Coach You Have Inside

FutStats HD for iPad or iPad Mini

A new course begins and with it a new season of football competitions. If you are a king sports statistics lover, coach of a football team or you just like to have all the information about your team so you can check it at any time, FutStats HD for iPad is your app. With a usability based on simple mens and options, high definition graphics and with as many parameters for your teams and players as you can imagine, with FutSats HD you can add all your team data. This great app offers you everything you could ask to always have the best information and to make the best decisions for your team. Get your team to be a champion!

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<p>FutStats HD is an application that you will benefit if you want to have all the data of your players and rival teams on your iPad. The application offers you to store hundreds of elements of each player and each team with which you can get that information you need when you go to face a team on the pitch or just for having the pleasure of knowing all the football secrets of Your favorite teams and players.<strong> With a couple of keystrokes, you will be the king of statistics and data!</strong></p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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FutStats HD, all the information of your team and your rivals in this great app

When you start the application you must create a team to work with. In the lower part you will have all the categories with which you can work and add information: teams, players, competitions, matches, tactics, reports and options. The elements that you can add in your team range from the shirt, format and colors, through the shield, current template and notes that you think are important for your information. Control your team completely!

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Once one or more teams have been created, players are added. If you want to add the face of your players you can use the photos of your iPad or the camera to take the photo at that moment. His shirt also supports personalization and the possibility of putting the name and number on the field. You can add the notes that you consider interesting and, thanks to its trajectory you will be able to know in which team it is on a specific date, if it plays a match, how much time you play it, etc. Do you think little?

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If it seems little to you, to add statistics you must create a competition that contains matches. Once created the games you can put all the data of your players: time played, demarcation, goals, cards, movements, … everything you consider essential to know your team better and your opponents will find it in this great application. Knowing where your team scores goals, where a specific team attacks you from where you play the most in the field, … Essential information to improve the performance and results of your equipment. And do not forget the section of tactics, where you can store what drawing of equipment you have raised in a particular match, what tactics your opponent has used, … A world of data to analyze!

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All the power and possibilities of FutStats HD are reflected in a higher price than most apps that you can find in the App Store but worth paying to get the most out of your football team. At the time of writing these lines the app is on offer and you can get it at 50% of the usual price, so it is a great opportunity. In addition, you will be able to acquire the module of reports to be able to obtain lists in PDF to be able to send them to those people that take part in your team, second trainers, masseurs or friends that you want. What are you waiting to download it?

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<p>Whether you coach a children's team or a professional team, <strong>have all the information of your players and your opponents allow you to raise the games and become the best</strong>. The simple control of the application, with very clear and precise categories, the large amount of data about your teams and players that you can store and the periodic improvements that the developer of this fantastic app takes, make this application an indispensable one on your tablet. Describe it and become the best soccer coach making the best decisions!</p><div class='code-block code-block-8' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Download FutStats HD for iPad and iPad Mini at 50% of its usual price

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