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From Madrid to Zielo Tab 101. Another reference of Woxter


From Madrid to Zielo Tab 101. Another reference of Woxter

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October 20, 2015

Woxter Zielo Tab 101 screen 9.7 inches

Spanish technology firms are young but have shown a great capacity for adaptation in the world of tablets. Although none of the brands in our country have launched devices within the high range that can compete with the big giants, they do have very interesting terminals.

BQ, Wolder and Szenio they have opted for very affordable devices within the medium and low cost ranges and have brought to market a wide variety of terminals capable of adjusting to all pockets and with good characteristics. Then we will make a brief analysis of the benefits of Zielo Tab 101, one of the badges of another of the great Spanish brands: Woxter.

Attractive design

Woxter It aims to differentiate itself from its competitors from the beginning. For this, he has decided to take care of all aspects, including the visual one. The Zielo Tab 101 has a aluminum housing what reinforce resistance Of the device. On the other hand, its texture composed of grooves, prevents the terminal from filling with fingerprints.

Woxter Zielo Tab 101 housing

Appearance is not everything

Another of the strengths of the Zielo Tab 101 It is your size: 9.7 inch with which the user can have a good experience. However, this is one of the Achilles heels of this device since it does not have a resolution very high: 1024 × 768 pixels.

Acceptable Processor

In terms of performance and speed, the Woxter device does not go wrong. It has a device 4 cores and 1.3 Ghz that, although it does not reach the capabilities of the latest generation processors, if it allows a trouble-free execution of applications and games.

Woxter Zielo Tab 101 9.7 inches

Android enters the scene

Unlike other low-cost tablets such as the Acer Iconia Tab that incorporate Windows 8 or even the Chuwi dual-boot tablets, the Zielo Tab 101 Woxter incorporates Android 4.4 Kit Kat. An operating system that for some may be outdated but that fits well with a low-cost tablet.

Image deficiencies

If before we mentioned that in terms of screen, the Zielo Tab 101 It is good but it does not offer a very large resolution, in terms of its cameras We can say that they represent one of the great limitations of this device. Despite having two, they are quite low, rear of only 2 Mpx and one front designed for selfies. In this aspect it is well below other devices such as Wolder's miTab New York, whose cameras have 5 megapixels.

Woxter Zielo Tab 101 9.7 inch camera

Limited memory

Refering to RAM, the device of the Spanish firm is very limited, since it only has 1 GB and that falls below other similar terminals such as the Edison Mini of one of its great competitors, BQ. However, in the matter of storage It is not a bad device because despite having only 16 GB, these might be expanded to 64.


As we mentioned on many occasions, the battery duration It is one of the big obstacles that all devices face, regardless of their brand and price. Unlike similar Wolder terminals, which have a very reduced autonomy of approximately 4-5 hours, the Zielo Tab 101 has an average of 8 hours, which places it very well within the terminals not only low cost but also mid-range.

Woxter Zielo Tab 101 9.7 inch tablet

Perfect tablet for leisure

Due to its features, this device is not a good option for those looking for a perfect tablet to increase productivity at work. However, the presence of Google Play in the Zielo Tab 101 as well as other properties like the sound system Dual Speakers 3D Sound, positions this device as a good tool for leisure at a low cost. One of the arguments used by Woxter to justify the use of this tablet is the existence of more than one million titles in the application catalog.

An affordable tablet

The price of this device is 179 euros if purchased through the Woxter website. It is a very affordable terminal that, however, can be expensive for those looking for higher benefits within the low cost terminals. However the Zielo Tab 101 It is a good option because its price and features They are Similar to those of other Spanish signature devices such as BQ Edison.

Woxter logo

Spain brand

The Zielo Tab 101 it's one of the big bets of Woxter and a sample of the strategies of the Spanish firms. However, this brand will soon launch the model Zen 10whose strong point is the dual boot of Windows 10 and Android. On the other hand, national companies such as BQ They have managed to bring to market a wide range of smartphones and tablets that are very well placed in the Spanish market and also outside our borders. The low cost added to some good performance For their range are the main tactics they use.

You have at your disposal more information about a wide variety of tablets manufactured not only in Spain but worldwide. On the other hand, you can find comparisons and analysis of the most current models.