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Fortnite Week 10, Season 8: Look for the treasure map seal

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The 10th week of challenges of Fortnite He arrived to anticipate the end of season eight. This is the last week of this pirate themed season, and Epic Games has made sure to give us interesting things to look for and do in the Epic Games video game. There are two big challenges to make on this occasion, but this guide will be focused on “Look for the treasure map seal in Junk Junction”.

Fortnite Challenge Week 10

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 2

If you still did not have the opportunity to review the challenges of this week, be sure to see our catch up here. As always, there are a total of seven objectives to meet: four of them are exclusive for those players who have the battle pass, while the other three are for everyone. This particular challenge is for the owners of the battle pass, and lead us to find a treasure map.

Fortnite: Look for the treasure map seal

fortnite looks for the treasure map signal at 1

This great weekly challenge is about looking for the two signs of the treasure map. That's right, again we have a challenge with two stages. As usual, you can only see the first one at the beginning. You will have to complete it in order to make the second part visible, and thus complete the challenge in its entirety.

This stage only requires you to look for the treasure map seal in Junk Junction, and it will guide you to a specific part of the island to which you should go.

Normally there will be two ways to complete this challenge: go to the location of the map, review it, and then go to the treasure, or skip the first step and go straight to the treasure. Unfortunately, being a two-stage challenge with the first being mandatory, you can not cheat.

That does not mean that we do not have advice to complete this objective. To begin, we recommend once again that you do this challenge in Team Rumble mode, for the same reasons as always. You will have fewer enemies to worry about, a bigger team accompanying you, and more time. Additionally, if you are having problems, be sure to turn on Party Assist mode in the Challenges tab of the Battle Royale lobby. This will allow your partners to complete the challenge with you, and still get credit for it.

Look for the treasure map seal: Junk Junction

fortnite looks for the treasure map signal at 2

The first location to which we must go is Junk Junction. Ac is where we recommend that you land first when you enter a game to make the challenge. Since you will be in Team Rumble, you are likely to start at the opposite end, but don't be afraid to restart and start another game.

When you arrive at Junk Junction, head to the center of the northern section of the place. Near the end, you will find a bluish / purple cargo container with a treasure map seal on one of its sides, pointing south. Interestingly, when you approach it, be empty.

This is because you must "search" literally, which means it has to be activated. Click on the blank treasure map until you are close enough to press the button you are asked for, and it will activate there.

The treasure map will take you to the classic location of Fork Knife, which is where you will have to go to get the treasure. But first you will have to either leave the game or finish it so that the second stage of the challenge "Find the treasure map seal" is activated.

Where to find the Battle Star in Fork Knife

fortnite looks for the treasure map signal at 3

The treasure map only shows you an unnamed location, so if you don't know where Fork Knife is located, don't worry. Want to land near Fatal Fields. Fork Knife is just northwest of this location. Head to the knife section, which is on the right side, to find the treasure.

The hidden treasure is a hidden Battle Star. Like all these hidden stars, you just need to be by their side to appear. So you will have to position yourself in the right place to get it. You can check our capture to help you know exactly where to go, but that is where the knife's edge will be.

It is on the east side of the edge. There is a rock in this small corner of the section, and the star is just above that. Lay down enough and then interact with it to complete the challenge.

Reward: Look for the treasure map seal

fortnite throw yourself through flaming circles 2

Your reward is divided into two parts: Finding and activating the treasure map in Junk Junction will give you two Battle Stars, while finding the hidden star will give you three, in order to form a total of five.

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