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Everything we know about Apple AirPower we tell you here

about Apple AirPower

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the company finally plunged into the world of wireless charging by announcing compatibility with the Qi wireless standard. To complement the new capabilities of the iPhone, Apple also presented a wireless charging base, called Apple AirPower.

However, things did not go as planned: after more than a year of waiting, it was finally nothing. After much effort, we have reached the conclusion that AirPower does not achieve our high standards and we have canceled the project, Apple Hardware Engineering Director Dan Riccio told TechCrunch in March 2019.

The video of discord

True or false? The debate ignited among Apple's fans after the unofficial Apple Archive site revealed what appears to be an advertising piece of the AirPower.

The record shows products such as iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and a pair of AirPods on the platform of the discarded wireless charger.

For those who think it is fake: the site also has several other legitimate Apple videos that have never been released. This one from AirPower is probably a sketch sent for approval (and clearly not approved), said via Twitter Filipe Espsito, editor of the iHelpBR blog.

According to the Apple Post record, Apple Archive is a free-to-use site that boasts the largest public archive of brand commercials, presentations, promotional videos and campaigns, among other materials.


It is rumored that Apple's AirPower wireless charging base has finally gone into production. Apple tested its AirPower in September 2017, along with the iPhone X and its wireless charging capacity. However, Apple encountered several problems with the design of the AirPower. Although, fortunately, they have not lost all hope. Even though Apple removed almost all the mentions of the device from its official website, the famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in December 2018 that the AirPods update will launch this year with wireless charging support, what which increases the possibility that AirPower will also launch in 2019.

Also a tweet Unverified from the Hong Kong website, ChargerLAB, now claims that the AirPower device has finally gone into production.

Where is the AirPower?

Apple has not mentioned the AirPower charger again since it first announced the product along with the iPhone X in September 2017. Almost a year later, the company has completely removed almost all the mentions of the AirPower charger from its website. So, we deduce, that it is not good news for those who longed to see this loading platform soon.

The truth is that the project may have been too ambitious even for Apple. Apparently, the problem is overheating. According to experts who spoke with John Gruber of Daring FireballThis is what could have led the company to withdraw the current design and try something new. It is also possible that the AirPower device, as such, has been completely canceled.

The comments on the problems of heat management are also shared by Sonny Dickson, who adds that, in addition to this, AirPower could not communicate properly with the devices it was charging.

The company has also had trouble finding a way to integrate the three different charging coils required by Apple's wireless charging devices without generating interference.

And, in addition to the hardware, the software may have problems. Since the device includes a custom Apple chip that runs a more basic version of iOS, engineers are working to end errors related to the built-in firmware.